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I’m an early riser…and when I say early I mean EARLY.

I’ve gotten myself into a habit of being in bed by/around/slightly after 9pm and waking up between 4-5am. That may seem ridiculous to some of you but for me it’s ideal.

In the evenings I’m practically useless.

After working all day I come home and just don’t have the desire to be productive. Give me dinner, some time in front of the TV and let’s call it a night. Nothing good is going to come of a sleepy Kerry. Dish remote control

After a 9pm bedtime and a solid 7-ish hours of sleep, 4am comes around and I’m ready to go.

At 4am I feel like I have the world to myself. Wall clock showing 4am

I come downstairs and am greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Mr. Coffee coffee pot in kitchen

For the next hour I have no interruptions, no to-do lists to worry about, no nothing. It’s my time to sit down and enjoy my coffee, catch up on blogs or scour Pinterest.

Monkey mug with coffee and coffee topper

(Once I get some coffee in me) I find my mind is more alert and active at this time of day. I start to make those to-do lists, respond to emails, get a head start on laundry or tidying the kitchen. I feel motivated, ready to tackle the day ahead.

Wedding to do list

My workouts and runs usually take place between 5-6am. Sure sometimes staying in my snuggly bathrobe sounds more appealing but the feeling I get afterwards is always worth it.

Canton waterfront Baltimore Maryland

I recently came across this quote and deemed it the perfect summary of my feelings:

I Love Early Mornings

I even wrote this post at 4am!

So don’t be surprised when I comment on your blog or respond to comments you’ve left me between 4-5. That’s just how I roll. : )

I want to know…

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

What’s your usual bedtime?

If you don’t set an alarm, what time do you usually sleep until?