Since we go through produce like there’s no tomorrow, Z and I usually head to the grocery store once a week. I really despise grocery shopping. I get bored of the same old products in the same old places so occasionally like to mix things up. That was the plan for this morning as we headed up to The Fresh Market in Towson.

This place is fancy, which is slightly intimidating at first. It’s like Whole Foods but more upscale. And although pricey is was just what I needed to get out of my food shopping slump. I get excited when I find new products to try and knowing that they have a large organic/specialty foods selection as well as a bulk foods section with granola, nuts, snacks, was all the more  reason to go.

Z was quite amused by the two-tiered basket cart. At one point I found him spinning it around in circles at the end of an aisle while he waited for me to finish browsing.

We had planned on going to Trader Joe’s after our stop here, so didn’t buy much in the way of produce because we knew we could get it cheaper. I did however grab us each a honeycrisp apple, my absolutely favorite and a rarity this time of year.

Their coffee selection was phenomenal, with an abundance of flavors. With names like “Chocolate Cherry Kiss” it was hard to decide on just one.

We ended up with one I had read about on another blog called “Build me up Peanut Butter Cup.”

We browsed around for quite some time and ended up with a few odds and ends, including two bourbon salmon filets from the seafood counter which we plan on making for dinner tonight.

We were sure to grab a snack before heading to Trader Joe’s, because food shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea. We had picked up some cherry yogurt covered pretzels from The Fresh Market bulk snack bins on the way out. They. Were. Amazing.

They didn’t last long enough for me to take a decent picture…

Next stop Trader Joe’s. Not wanting to leave the salmon in the hot car for very long (even though I brought an insulated tote with ice pack) we zoomed through the store grabbing everything on our list in record time, making it home all before noon!

So much deliciousness:

Fresh Market Purchases

Trader Joe’s

We’ve got a week of delicious sounding dinners planned, so stay tuned for the results!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite store for food shopping?