3 thoughts on “Workouts”

  1. I ran for most of my life (one Boston Marathon, a few halfs, trail runs, triathlons) but unfortunately it was a bit much for my back (I had a double surgery). Not trying to scare you off – just be mindful of all the impact on your joints and back from running. Add in Pilates and swimming if you can! Namaste… Colleen

    • To be honest, I’ve fallen out of love with running. Strength training, pilates, yoga and dance are my favorites now!

      • Sweet! I think it’s better that way for women in the long run. I’ll never forget the time a lady pulled me aside at a gym, asked me to come and look in her trunk (sounds crazy) and she pulled out a metal knee brace. She said from years of running she now had to use that brace for tennis and many other activities. EEEk!

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