Workouts updated 2013

Along with my workout buddy Z, we try and incorporate a mix of running and strength training into the course of a week.

In addition we’re always up for exploring different forms of exercise such as dance, krav maga, bikram yoga, zumba, bike riding, hiking and more!

Need workout ideas? Here are some that I’ve tried:

Strength Training Circuits

Running routes & races:


3 thoughts on “Workouts”

  1. I ran for most of my life (one Boston Marathon, a few halfs, trail runs, triathlons) but unfortunately it was a bit much for my back (I had a double surgery). Not trying to scare you off – just be mindful of all the impact on your joints and back from running. Add in Pilates and swimming if you can! Namaste… Colleen

    • To be honest, I’ve fallen out of love with running. Strength training, pilates, yoga and dance are my favorites now!

      • Sweet! I think it’s better that way for women in the long run. I’ll never forget the time a lady pulled me aside at a gym, asked me to come and look in her trunk (sounds crazy) and she pulled out a metal knee brace. She said from years of running she now had to use that brace for tennis and many other activities. EEEk!

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