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Our last day at Whiskeytown Lake involved actually experience the lake. It was Colter’s birthday (the day before mine!) and Jordana had rented a pontoon boat for the day as a special treat. 7-9 Boating (16)

After some birthday banana pancakes we threw on the swim suits and sunscreen and headed to the marina.


Our chariot for the day:

7-9 Boating (20)

We took a tour around the perimeter of the lake taking in the sights. The little blip you see in the tree on the right is a bald eagle.

7-9 Boating (21)

We discovered lots of rope swings which Z and Colt were obsessed with.

7-9 Boating (32)


As lunch time rolled around we motored up to one of the islands in the middle of the lake and picnicked.

7-9 Boating (46)

7-9 Boating (47)

7-9 Boating (50)

We stayed anchored at the island for awhile, laying in the sunshine, swimming, and, if you were me, napping on the boat. It was just so relaxing. No phones or computers to distract me. If I wanted to nap, I could!

Z and I had to leave the party boat a tad early seeing as how we had a 3hr drive back to Napa ahead of us. It was a delightful day with delightful people.

7-9 Boating (45)



Before we arrived back in Napa Z requested a stop to check something off of his “California Must-Do” List. 7-9 Boating (53)7-9 Boating

Apparently it’s real good. I’ll have to take his word for it.


With that the outdoorsy-wilderness portion of our adventure came to a close. Stay tuned for how we finished the trip and what I did on my 30th (eek!) birthday!


I want to know…

Is there a food you love that you have to travel to get to? or that’s only in a certain place? If so, what?