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Let me just start out by saying that camping in warm weather is delightful. Overnight the 100+ temperatures dipped down to a nice, pleasant, place.

I started my morning leisurely, sipping a cup of instant coffee (I was really roughing it) and doing some journaling. The tent allowed me escape from the hoards of blood sucking mosquitos that had descended upon us when the sun went down.

Coffee and journal inside tent

Zach, Colter and Jordana had all been to Whiskeytown before, but since this was my first time I wanted the full tour. So we set out on a driving tour that would have us looping the lake.

While leaving our campsite we spotted wading deer. The wildlife is plentiful in around these parts. We also managed to encounter a resident skunk family living near our tent, and regularly see ospreys and bald eagles flying over head.

Deer crossing stream at Whiskeytown lake, CA


Our first stop was a lake side beach. The water is clear as can be but just a slight bit chilly. This didn’t stop the boys of course. Colter and Z swimming at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

As for Jordana and I? We decided to remain spectators.

Jordana and K at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

While walking along a trail we came across these beautiful red trees. Upon further investigation I learned they are Manzanita trees.

Manzanita curling bark, CA

Manzanita sheds its bark every summer. As the tree expands, the almost paper thin layer of outer bark begins to crack and peel away. This is similar to how a reptile sheds its skin…For much of the summer, the old bark curls and slowly sheds. Revealed underneath is a greenish layer of new bark. By the end of summer or fall, this new bark will darken to its usual orange to red color. ManzanitaBranch.com

I loved all the delicate curls!

Our drive took us to some great look out points such as this one:

 Whiskeytown Lake, CA

Ahhhh, Northern California.

Colter Jordana Z and K at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

It was so fun to be able to spend time with Colter and Jordana. Now that they’re permanently settled in California, opportunities to do so are few and far between.


Jordana insisted that we investigate a specific location off the edge of a parking lot. It was there we found fig trees!

She adores figs so we set out seeing if any were ripe for the picking. Having never purchased a fig before, I really had no idea what I was looking for. Although we were probably a few weeks too early we did find some. My fig finding eye was on point and added quite a few to our collection. We also discovered blackberries beginning to ripen nearby as well.

Fresh Figs at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

Also encountered? Rosemary!

Fresh Rosemary at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

I would have just passed by it without a second thought but once it was picked the aroma was delightful. We grabbed a few sprigs to add to our campfire dinner later that night.

One of the things I LOVED about California was all the fresh produce. With all the diverse climates in one single state they can grow just about anything!

A fun day of lakeside exploration!

I want to know…

Have you ever gone fruit picking?

Do you grow your own herbs?


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