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Last week while I was at work I got an excited text from Z saying that The Amazing Race application was once again active! Who knows why or when that happened but better not to question it.


Amazing Race Online Application

Since the casting video they made was good to go, we sat down and got to applying!

K working on Amazing Race Application

Don’t mind me in my oh-so-stylish ensemble…I live in my red bathrobe.

One last minute addition to the video was this picture taken during their time living in Irian Jaya. Z&C

If that doesn’t tug on the casting director’s heart strings I don’t know what will.

The application itself was pretty straight forward. They just wanted the basics of each team member:

  • Name, address, occupation, marital status, kids? etc.
  • Whether or not you’ve ever been on TV before
  • A picture of you and your teammate and then pictures of each individually

Colter and Zach's Amazing Race Casting Photos

Finally they asked to provide a short bio (no more than 70 words) of your team. Z came up with the following:

Brothers, best friends, traveling fanatics, and competitive to the bone.. Colter is getting his Masters degree in Psychology, published a research paper, and has taught at the high school and college level. Zach is a 9 year veteran of the military with 3 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt with a Purple Heart. Both live in Baltimore, MD.

That about sums them up!

All that was left to to was upload the video and we were all set. Z's Amazing Race Application

Aamzing Race Casting

Sure there are tons upon tons of people applying and the chances are slim but just the prospect is exciting. Even if this season doesn’t pan out we’ll be all set for the next! Now all that’s left to do is wait…

I want to know…

Have you ever been on TV???

If so when and why?