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While browsing inspiration for my ode to animal crackers post, I came across a recipe for funfetti cake dip from the blog, Eat Yourself Skinny. The picture on the site had animal crackers as an accompaniment so I went ahead and pinned it to remember for later.


Now I have never been much of a cake person. Having a summer birthday I would bring in ice pops to elementary school instead of cupcakes. My recent birthday tradition involves celebrating with a cannoli every year instead of cake. I’m a big fan of icing and merely find the cake as an obstacle to get to it. Besides, the cake/frosting ratio is always out of whack (that is until the creation of cake pops).

The one exception to all this is funfetti. I lovvvvve sprinkles and having them inside the cake makes it a winner in my book. For this reason I knew I had to try this simple, healthy alternative to the standard baked good treat.

I tweaked the original recipe slightly which called for cool whip and stuck to just two simple ingredients:


That’s it!

STEP 1: Measure out 2 cups of greek yogurt (I used 0% plain, but could be good with vanilla).


STEP 2: Add in 1/2 bag of cake mix and stir (the original recipe called for using the entire bag but I figured I could save some calories and still get the flavor I was looking for.)


STEP 3: Grab some animal crackers for dipping and you’re all set!

Healthy Two Ingredient Funfetti Dip greek yogurt and cake mix

Healthy Two Ingredient Funfetti Dip >> The Adventures of Z & K

THE VERDICT: Absolutely wonderful! The first perk: there are only two ingredients and two steps involved, what’s not to love. Second, the combination of the animal crackers (I used Trader Joe’s brand which have a hint of lemon flavor) and dip tasted like a bite-sized piece of cake. Third, it’s a healthy protein packed sweet treat!

I made this dip to bring in for my co-workers and they all absolutely loved it as well. They could not believe that there were only two ingredients!

In researching some more I found that this recipe originated from a blog called Little Bitty Bakes who has a recipe for individual portion sizes if you are just looking for a tasty after-dinner treat.

I’m already excited thinking about other variations I could make using this method. Betty Crocker makes a “Cherry Chip” cake mix which could be good, or maybe the “Triple Chocolate Fudge.”  So many options!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite flavor of cake?