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Started off the week with a morning plank. Z and I are currently up to 2 minutes and 10 seconds!

My strategy is to keep my mind distracted, usually by reading an article in a magazine or on my phone. This way I’m focused on something other than my achy-shaky muscles.


It was a dive day at work. An hour of full on power scrubbing underwater cardio, not a leisurely stroll like the picture below…


Diving is a very leg-based activity. Proper form encourages long straight-legged kicks originating at the hip. This does give maximum propulsion but is also pretty tiring. By the time I got home that night my legs were exhausted. The cure? Curl up on the couch as long as possible.


Z and I went to get our first run of the week out of the way. My body was still feeling the affects of the dive the day before. My legs were like bricks! I pushed through, but really just wasn’t feeling it.




Just when I think I’m done SCUBA diving for the week, my work schedule says otherwise. I started out the morning back in the water. It wasn’t as physically taxing as the last but did involve a long period of time underwater. My attempts at layering were futile. The cold always wins.

Later that night it was time for dance class. It consisted of the usual: some leaps, some turns, some choreography. It was my last class for the year, what with the holiday break and all. Back to dance again in 2013!


It was time for a strength day. I’ve gone through a lot of the workouts on my Pinterest board and am in need of new inspiration. I went back through the archives on PBFingers and found the following:

circuit workout

I liked the combination of jump rope cardio bursts in between weights. I am however horrible when it comes to push-ups. Completing 25 in “Round Three” required some work. I broke it down into 10, 10 and 5 and juuuuust made it. Practice makes perfect I suppose…


Thanks to a Groupon Get-a-way deal and a snap decision we headed to Luray, VA for an out of town overnight trip (more about that later).

Before dinner Z and I headed to the Luray Hawksbill Greenway, a trail/walking path not far from our hotel. It follows a creek right through town.



There were a number of other people out walking/running and we were amazed at how friendly everyone was, making a point to wave or say hello. Definitely not something us “city folk” are used to.

It certainly wasn’t our fastest run as we stopped occasionally for holiday-themed photo ops:



…and then there was my hip. Towards the end of the run my hip started giving me trouble. I had talked to a former colleague/current running coach the day before about my occasional bouts with hip pain and she recommended some stretching that could be beneficial. It was apparent that I should have taken her advice seeing as how the last half mile brought pain with every step. I was too stubborn to walk completely but slowed myself down and took deep breaths until we made it back to the car. Not sure what is going on but I don’t like it.



Overall it was a taxing week. In looking back perhaps I underestimate the physical demands of my job. The lack of energy I had during the runs and the strain on my hip could be an indicator that I need more recovery time and more stretching in between my workouts.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever had an exercise related injury? If so, how did you heal it?