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Why hello there! It’s been awhile!

I don’t think I’ve ever traveled as much in one month as I have in the past three weeks. Seven days in California, five days in Florida—it’s been delightful.

Sunset in Johns Pass Florida

Unfortunately there ends my big travel plans for the year. I peaked early, I guess. From here on out it should be same old same old around these parts. I may have to plan a weekend get-a-way at some point because travel ultimately increases my desire to continue traveling. We shall see.

I wanted to continue on with sharing our California adventure as I have tons of pictures and reliving the experience makes me happy. When we last left off we were sipping wine in a castle in Napa


The next stop on our CA tour was a three hour drive north to Redding.

Napa to Redding driving route

After leaving Baltimore, my sister-in-law, Jordana, got a job at Turtle Bay Exploration Park and has been living back in her home state ever since.

The road to Redding isn’t the most exciting I’ve come across. As you can see from the map it’s pretty much a straight shot north.

Driving to Redding, CA

It was warm though….and by warm I mean consistently over 100 degrees.

Driving to Redding, CA 107 degree temperature

That number is quite deceiving. The lack of humidity makes ALL the difference. It was quite a change though from the chilly breezy San Francisco climate that’s for sure.


The plan for this leg of the trip? CAMPING!

I knew we were camping in some way shape or form due to Z asking me whether or not I owned a sleeping bag a few days before we left. We actually brought a small tent and our sleeping bags on the plane (the only bag we checked).

The destination: Whiskeytown Lake.

Whiskeytown Lake, CA

The 39,000 acres surrounding the lake hold four waterfalls, pristine mountain creeks, 70 miles of trails, and opportunities to explore the history of the California Gold Rush. –National Park Service

Just minutes away from Redding, Whiskeytown Lake is a camping and watersport delight.

Whiskeytown Lake, National Park Service

We were engaging in what they referred to as “primitive camping.” Sounds hardcore right?! Primitive Campsites, Whiskeytown Lake, CA

That implied no running water, only an outhouse (aka, fancy hole in the ground).

They definitely do NOT skimp on the wild animal warnings, that’s for sure. I particularly enjoyed the line underneath the doe-eyed deer that says, “My hooves can kill a grown man if I panic.” Not so cute and innocent now are they?

Warning signs at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

Bear Country sign, Whiskeytown Lake, CA


Our sites were tucked in a little alcove of wooded forest.

Primitive Campsite at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

The boys got to work setting up camp…Z setting up tent at Whiskeytown Lake, CA

…while us girls attempted not to melt in the heat.

Jordana resting at campsite

Since it had been awhile I had forgotten just how much I enjoy camping. Sure, the lack of running water is less than ideal, but being outside with no computers, cell phones, traffic, to-do lists…is SO refreshing.

Z and Colter around fire

A great start to this chapter of our adventure!

I want to know…

Do you consider yourself to be an outdoorsy-type of person?

Do you enjoy camping? When is the last time you went?