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Day 1 of “K & Z’s California Adventure” included road tripping from San Francisco, up Highway 1, to Napa.

K and Z CA Road Trip: Napa Vineyard

We had no specific agenda for the day which I found entirely freeing. In fact I felt that way about a lot of the trip. If it was something I had known about I would have felt compelled to plan out every little detail, researching activities, markets, restaurants, etc. etc. To not have that was a huge relief.


We woke up in the morning and, seeing that Colter was out of coffee (gasp!—in all fairness he had only moved in a week before), Z and I headed in to downtown Napa to search out the nearest Starbucks. It was there we were greeted by the friendliest of employees who showed us the ways of The Clover Brewing System (a fancy schmancy french press only found in select locations).

On the way back we saw 7 hot air balloons floating in the distance as the sun rose. Napa = amazing.


Since there was nothing specific we had to do that day we decided just to hop in the Mustang and do some exploring.

K and Z CA Road Trip: Napa Valley

We headed north through prime vineyard territory, pulling over and gawking at the sites whenever the urge struck.

K and Z in Napa vineyard

(Side note: Many many selfies were taken on this trip out of necessity.
You have been warned)

I can’t resist an up-close floral shot…

K and Z CA Road Trip: Wildflower

We drove through some adorable small towns with fresh as can be produce and specialty shops. I could not wait to stop in Nature Select Foods, in the town of St. Helena. The place was right up my alley and I got some new-to-me products to try. So fun!

Nature Select Foods, St. Helena, CA

The great part about simply going where the wind takes you is that you might discover unique sights such as this:

Worlds Largest Petrified Trees, California

Worlds Largest Petrified Trees, California

You had to buy tickets to get in. I was interested, but not THAT interested. But we stopped in the gift shop, used the restrooms and continued on our way.

Z picked up a couple of pamphlets while we were there of other interesting sights in the area which ultimately led us to our final “royally” wonderful stop of the day.

I want to know…

What is the most unique attraction you’ve visited on a road trip?