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I am back!

Surprise trip? Done. Turning 30? Done. Going to CA for the first time? Done.

It was a truly delightful week thanks to the wonderful surprise 30th birthday trip Z planned. For ages he’s been saying that he wanted to take me to California (he lived there for a number of years) and for equally as long I’ve had an overwhelming desire to go. From hearing his stories I knew I would love it: the diversity of landscapes (sea, mountains, cities), the weather, the people, etc.

Although I had an inkling that the trip was to California the actual destination remained a surprise up until the very last moment.

When we boarded the plane at 6:15am in Baltimore I (obviously) knew where our layover was but it wasn’t until we were walking to the gate in Minnesota that Z handed me the boarding pass to our final destination.

Boarding pass to San Francisco


San Francisco? I was SO excited!

What I was NOT excited about was the weather. 57 degrees? In July??? Needless to say my packing left me a tad underprepared for such but that’s what layering is for.

CA Road Trip 2014 Cool temperatures in San Francisco

The day we arrived was a cool and cloudy one in the Bay area. We only saw bits of town, knowing that we’d be back later in the week to do more extensive sight-seeing. This was a good call seeing as how it was the Saturday of Fourth of July weekend, a.k.a. tourist central. SOOOO many people. We drove across the bridge, leaving the crowds behind and headed north.

CA Road Trip 2014 Foggy Golden Gate Bridge


Before I go any further I must mention our method of transportation for this little adventure of ours…

CA Road Trip 2014 Red Mustang

That’s right a 2014 MustangRED.

Z was asked to show ID while picking up the rental car. He often uses his military-issued one and upon seeing it, Avis upgraded him to this little beauty. Z was excited to drive it, I was just excited to look at it. I felt pretty fancy while in it. AND it had heated seats…one of my all time favorite car features. This was a welcome benefit with the chilly bay area breeze.


Once out of town we headed north on the famous Highway 1. California Highway 1 Sign

Although there may be blue skies in that picture the minute we got closer to the water it turned to this:

K and Z CA Road Trip San Francisco to Point Reyes, CA

We attempted a visit to Point Reyes, a national seashore which includes a lighthouse with a typically stellar view.

K and Z CA Road Trip San Francisco to Point Reyes, CA

Point Reyes National Seashore Lighthouse on a foggy day

But this is all we got.

Foggy view at Point Reyes National Seashore, CA

You could barely even make out the water! Oh well. You win some you lose some.


We had another hour to go to make it to our first official destination: Napa.

K and Z CA Road Trip- Point Reyes to Napa

My brother and sister-in-law just moved there and the plan was to stay at their place for the next couple of nights. That’s the benefit of having family all over the country—free places to stay!

Colter and Jordanas Townhome in Napa, CA

It was a long day of travel and Z and I basically passed out the minute we got to Colter and Jordana’s. With the three hour time difference it was passed midnight in Maryland-land which as we all know is waaaaay passed by bedtime.

The trip was off to a good start and I couldn’t wait to see what else Z had in store!

Stay tuned!


I want to know…

Have you ever been to San Francisco or Napa?