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Five Things Friday | The Adventures of Z & K

Happy holiday to you!

American Flag in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Raise your hand if you have the day off. (me!)

Raise your hand if you’re going away for the holiday weekend. (me!).

After a crazy work schedule in June which meant a lack of two consecutive days off in a row I am more than looking forward to a week of vacation/rest/relaxation.



Where am I headed on said trip? That’s a great question. I don’t know!

Next Thursday is my 30th (eek!) birthday and, determined to make it in his words “epic”, Z has planned a surprise get-a-way. All I know at this point is that we’re traveling by plane.

Rainbow from airplane window

I can’t wait to find out our destination and embark on a fun little adventure with the husband.


Historically, when prepping for a trip I get a little intense. I realize this about myself. I spend SO much time and energy in preparation and packing (my arch nemesis).

Vacation Packing- outfits layed out on bed

With Z taking care of all the planning I feel an odd sense of calm. We are leaving tomorrow, I haven’t packed a thing, and I’m ok with that.


While I’m still far more relaxed than I usually am before travel, there is still a part of me that is left worrying about the food situation. That was a big concern of mine during our wedding in St. Lucia.

Oatmeal in St. Lucia

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working with a Registered Dietician to heal my gut and identify my problem trigger foods. I’ve established a routine when it comes to my meals and thankfully my stomach for the past few weeks has been great.

Traveling and diverging from my day to day eats will be a true test.


I’m going to be 30. 30!

K in Britney Spears world tour concert t-shirt

That kinda sorta means you’re grown-up and I feel far from that. Is that weird? Should I not still have an NSYNC and Backstreet Boys Pandora station? Should I not still love visiting my parents, sleeping in my old room and have my Mom call me “Sweetie” just like she always has? Should I have my life all figured out by now???

(p.s. That picture was taken while visiting my parents just last year. Yup, still have the shirt.)


While most of us are off today, headed to BBQs and cookouts (unless you’re in the path of Hurricane Arthur), venturing on road-trips and long weekend outings, I wanted to take a moment and recognize those who are not.

Nani with American Flag

Thank you to my wonderful co-workers for taking care of our animals today. Thank you to anyone reading this who works in a 24/7 type of career field where holidays are just another day. I hope there’s a least some fireworks gazing in your future.

2012- 4th of July (26)

With that I’m signing off. I shall return eventually, a year older, and look forward to sharing with you another ADVENTURE OF Z & K.


I want to know…

How are you spending the holiday?

BBQ/Cook-out/Picnic? Fireworks?

Are you in the path of Hurricane Arthur??