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Are we seriously done with this month already? I feel like it just started!Didn’t I just move?!

Well, let’s see where the time went by revisiting pictures from the past four weeks.



(Thanks to a fun photo-editing filter) I feel as though I successfully captured the feel of the era for my dance recital at the beginning of the month.

K in the Great Gatsby Recital


I now actually enjoy spending time in my kitchen. It is full of light, overlooks the river, spacious and all around delightful. It was time to break it in so I made my first baking project these mini loaves of coconut banana bread.

Coconut Flour Banana Bread


A couple of weeks ago I volunteered at a spay/neuter clinic for cats at Animal Rescue, Inc., an organization on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania. My Director at work, a veterinarian, donates his time performing the surgeries. I hope to write a full post about this soon because it’s something I’ve grown quite passionate about but long story short it was very rewarding and a great cause.

Animal Rescue, Inc


Although they are out of season I’ve found ONE store, Harris Teeter, that is still selling them. I have been making weekly stops on my way home from work JUST for parsnips and usually clear out most of the stock they have. The cashiers kind of look at me funny as that is the only thing I come to the register with and most have no idea what they are. Regardless I relish my parsnip noodles making all the extra effort worth it.

Raw parsnip noodles


This past week there were some intense storms around these parts. Z was working overnight and I was home alone when this particular one hit (how lovely for me). I woke up in the middle of the night to almost non-stop flashing lightening and torrential downpours. In the morning this is what I found:

Yard storm damage

An entire tree had been ripped out of the ground. Lucky for us it fell on the edge of the yard, not in the way of anything. Imagine if that was in the front yard…where I park my car…yikes!


There you have it, random happenings of June. July’s going to be a busy/fun one as I have not one but TWO out of state trips planned: a week-long surprise 30th birthday trip that Z has been planning and a trip to Florida for work. Blogging during that time may be sporadic but there will be plenty of stories to fill you in on after.

I want to know…

What was the highlight of June for YOU?

What are you most looking forward to in July?