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Last week was Z’s birthday. For the next four weeks we are the same age and I am therefore no longer a cougar. For the next four weeks I cannot use the phrase, “I’ll tell you when you get older” in our conversations (a favorite past time of mine).

Z’s mom, Kristi, sent him her signature birthday care package of fun filled with some of his favorite things. The box had arrived mid-last week so was ready and waiting for him when he arrived home from his 14 day National Guard training.

So what are some of Z’s favorite care-package-worthy treats you may ask?


1. Homemade chex mix

Homemade Chex Mix via Near to Nothing Blog

Kristi makes a deliciously tasty chex mix that I feel is even better than the “traditional” flavor of the store-bought variety. Z loves it so much that this was his reaction upon seeing it…

Z's Faves: Homemade Chex Snack Mix



Dark Chocolate Toblerone

We are a dark chocolate-loving household. In fact every holiday should probably include it. Toblerone hold a special place in our hearts because the decadent little pyramids were a standard in the care packages I sent him during his deployment in Egypt.

Z with Dark Chocolate Toblerone


Brazil Nuts from Photo-Dictionary.com

Z adores them. If we see them in a bulk bin we always make sure to grab some.

Z's Faves: Brazil Nuts

4. Dried MANGO

Dried Mango from JustIngredients.com

Having grown up in tropical-type areas around the world, mangos have always been a tasty snack for Z. The dried variety is great to throw in his lunch and take to work.

Z's Faves: Dried Mango

At first he wasn’t sure if was mango or papaya…hence the quizzical expression.

As you can see, Z can be easy to shop for! He’s never been big on material gifts….but keep him fed and you’re good to go!


I want to know…

If someone was making YOU a birthday care package, what kinds of things would you be excited to find inside?