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As I mentioned on Monday, since the beginning of this year Z and I have found ourselves increasingly disenchanted with city life.

Thames Street Fells Point, MD

A bunch of small things combined with our “higher than what we want to be paying” rent lead us to embark on the daunting challenge of searching for a new place to live a couple months back.

There was Craigslist searches, rent.com searches, scouring apartment complexes, townhomes, single family homes, and more. We even went considered living with roommates for a short period of time to really save our pennies! However nothing we came across seemed to be the right fit.

Z’s “Ah-Ha” Moment

During a conversation on the topic one night Z stopped, mid-sentence, slapped his forehead and proclaimed, “I NEED TO TALK TO SAM!”

Z and Sam looking at Back River, Dundalk, MD

Our friend Sam, who Z met through the National Guard, owns a house just outside of town. However his job, which requires long hours, is all the way out in West Virginia. There were some days he would work 12 hours AND commute over an hour each way. A lot of the time he would end up crashing with co-workers who lived closer to work leaving his house here empty most of the time.

Sam's House exterior

Realizing this was not a sustainable lifestyle last month he decided to rent an apartment in Harpers Ferry, WV and rent out his house in Dundalk.

Z had completely forgot about all of this until the middle of the aforementioned conversation that night. It was the perfect opportunity and ideal timing. Not to mention Sam was all for it—having tenants he knows/trusts that can take care of his property. Win win.

Moving from Fells Point to Dundalk

Welcome to the Suburbs

There are a number of pros and things that I’m excited about.


We will be saving $700 a month (more money to spend at Trader Joe’s, haha).

Sam's House exterior duing moving


No lease commitment means that if it turns out it just isn’t for us or Z gets a different job we have the flexibility to move whenever we want.

Moving into the new house


I can plant things!

Sam's House exterior, back yard view


We no longer have to search for parking! We can bring groceries right into the house without having to double park on the street!

Sam's House with my Subaru parked outside


It’s right on a river. Love that.

Back River, Dundalk, Maryland


There are so many cabinets, it’s so open, there’s an ice maker/water dispenser on the fridge.

Sam's House kitchen

Drawbacks Included

Now of course there are trade-offs in all of this.

The house is located right behind an almost abandoned shopping center, the only functioning business being a shady Chuck E. Cheese (I didn’t realize they were even still in existence). I can live with it though.

The biggest downside to me is my commute to/from work. Right now I can walk and make it door to door in roughly 20 minutes. Now I’m going to have to deal with rush hour traffic and parking garages.

Change Is Good

Above all else I’m ready for a change. Something to mix things up a bit. A new location to provide a fresh perspective and a change in routine.

Oh! And as an added bonus the house comes complete with friendly neighborhood kitty who has already tried to follow us inside.

Neighborhood stray cat, Dundalk, MD


I want to know…

What is the first thing I should plant in my new yard?

Any lawn care advice/tips I should know?