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It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since this picture was taken. Z hanging picture in row home bedroom

Two years ago Z and I moved into our first place together, our row home in Fells Point.

K and Z with row home in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

The house was great—spacious, three bedroom, 2.5 bath, back deck and patio.

Porch of row home in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

While there was no “roof deck” if we were adventurous enough, climbing to the roof was possible.

K and Z watching fireworks from roof in Fells Point, Balimore, MD

Our house even served as the scene for our engagement pictures (and one of my all-time favorite pics of the two of us).

K and Z with Anthropologie Initial Mugs

Despite all of these great aspects and memories we’ve made there are some NOT so desirable things as well.

Our house is located along a major thoroughfare through Fells which means lots of traffic/police sirens/drunk people walking to-from bars. We rarely sleep with our windows open because of this.

Intersection in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

On top of that we have a bus stop RIGHT outside the front door. This means that people linger out front waiting and also throw their trash everywhere. I finally gave up any and all attempts at making the planter out front presentable because it kept getting ruined. Talk about frustrating.

Bus stop outside our Fells Point House

Being a row home, one side of our house lacks any windows and the other side faces into an alley. This means the kitchen is quite dark (hence why all my pictures taken there have a weird orange glow).

K and Z in poorly lit row home kitchen

It’s just not somewhere that’s enjoyable to spend time. Both Z and I like cooking/baking/preparing but just don’t feel inspired to do so.

Then there’s the parking situation…or lack there of. With no neighborhood permit or off-street option we regularly play “the parking game” otherwise known as the “drive around anywhere from 5-20 minutes looking for an open spot without a 2hr limit” game.

Parking in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Friday and Saturday nights, when most people visit Fells Point to take in the dinner/night-life scene, is a nightmare in terms of parking. We strategically plan to NOT move the car those nights knowing that finding parking anytime after 4pm probably will not happen. Oh! And then there’s the challenge of street parking in blizzards and such. Good times…

Blizzard parking in Fells Point

With all that being said Z and I are ready for a change….

Chairs by water at Sam's House

I want to know…

What is one GREAT thing about where you live?

What is one NOT SO GREAT thing?