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Why hello there. Yes. I am in fact still alive.

Between work, moving, and my brother’s wedding in New York the past week has been quite a non-stop whirlwind.

Happy Birthday Maya Dolphin

Sam's House Living Room

Our family at Kevin's wedding

I have so much I want to share: our new living situation, all the wedding festivities (and how to survive them with food intolerances), my new favorite way to eat parsnips and some fun new ginger products I’m obsessed with.

Victoria Mom and Me at Rehersal Dinner

All these thoughts swirling through my head and so little time to sit down and write them down.

Me soaking up sunshine in Salt Point New York

I hope to find time to make that happen in the near future but in the mean time I’ll be a busy bee packing up the house as we’re getting a majority of our moving done within the next five days.

Have a great week!