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I’ve been so busy with moving preparations recently that I’ve barely had time for anything else.

K's office during packing

Z and I managed to get some stuff packed up here at our house and arranged into three piles: take with us, sell on Craigslist, donate to Goodwill. Those three piles are now taking up a large portion of our living room.

We headed out to our new house on Friday to clean so that all is ready for us to move in. The lawn mower decided now would be a good time to stop functioning which is tragically unfortunate given the current state of the lawn (…..oh my gosh I have a LAWN!).

K and Z new house

There was an old school push mower laying around so I decided to give it a whirl. It was rusty and barely functional….too much work.

K with push mower

I plan on sharing more about this move, the why, the where the how in the near future when I have more than 2 seconds of down time…someday….

The lack of free time won’t be letting up this week though as Tuesday Z and I are headed up to New York…Kevin and Victoria are getting married!

Kevin and Victoria engagement picture

I have the entire weekend off from work and am looking forward to all the celebration and catching up with relatives that I haven’t seen in ages. It’ll be especially nice to get to sit back and enjoy everything without having to be the one who planned it!

While I acknowledged it on other forms of social media, yesterday was Mother’s Day! Despite being hundreds of miles away from both my Mom and Mother-in-law, I was sure to send well-wishes their way.

Happy Mother's Day MomHappy Mother's Day Kristi

I did spend the day with three Moms though…they were just of the flippered variety.

Happy Mother's Day Dolphins

Lastly…I love yoga.

I treated myself to a “rise & shine” class at the studio near me on Friday. The last time I went was early December. I know that my flexibility has gone down-hill over the past few months and I’ve found myself craving a good stretch. Let me tell you this was exactly what I needed.

Besides the stretching aspect it was so nice to just stop and breathe. That sounds silly but that’s not something I do regularly (and probably should). The instructor spoke to this by saying:

“Sometimes the hardest part of yoga is presence of mind…not presence of strength or flexibility.” –Amelia Conlon

I repeated this over and over in my head so that I’d remember it because it’s so true. With my years of dance experience, poses and stretches come naturally to me but shutting out outside thoughts is something I really have to work at.

After such a positive experience on Friday I’m going to chalk the $16 class fee up to an “investment in myself” and take the same class this morning before work.

Ok. Random thoughts happenings and musings over. Enjoy your week!