There’s nothing like going “home.”

My recent visit to my parents’ allowed me to put a pause on the stresses of everyday life, escape reality just for a minute, and step back to a simpler time and place. Sunrise over swamp in NY

A time when I was just a kid. A time when grown-up responsibilities didn’t exist.

The little mermaid mug

Home is a place of comfort.Tulip in Mom's Kitchen

Home is a place to unwind. OPI and Essie Spring Nail Colors

Home is a place to create.

Laptop at kitchen counter

Home is a place of familiarity; a place to catch up with those that you rarely see.Barb_Deb_Me

Home is a place of family. The whole family (smaller)

Home is where the heart is. Victoria's Bridal Shower (29)


I want to know…

Where is YOUR hometown?