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Am I alone in the thought that April just FLEW on by?

March on the other hand would never end but I blinked and this month was gone. Crazy.

Seeing as how it’s the last Friday of the month that means it’s “my month in pictures” time. Hmmm, what did I do the past four weeks?



Z and I started the month off with some good old fashioned spring cleaning which made my overly organized-self quite happy. Amongst our tasks was going through clothes and donating a whole bunch to Good Will.

I have quite the collection of t-shirts, some with sentimental value, but ultimately nothing I actually wear. Shirts such as this from my family’s favorite restaurant at the Jersey Shore were just taking up room. It was time to give them a new life (not in this house).

Terrace Taven t-shirt, Long Beach Island, NJ


As I mentioned earlier in the month, Z and I went to see the cherry blossoms on a beautiful spring day in the nation’s capital. We often forget how close we live to such a historic city.

Washington Monument with cherry blossoms around tidal basin


At work we celebrated the 13th birthday of our dolphin Spirit. Complete with decorations, and pledges from our guests as to ways they do their part to protect our oceans.

Spirit's 13th Birthday at the National Aquarium


A milestone was reached: I made turnips for the first time! While I have yet to perfect the preparation (my Mom is far more successful) I was proud of myself for the attempt.

Turnip close up


Last, but not least, I headed home to New York to spend time with my family and partake in pre-wedding festivities for my brother and his fiancé. Victoria’s bridal shower was held at a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River. A lovely location.

Victoria Kevin and Me

So while it may have gone by quickly, I’m certainly not complaining. May will not only bring warmer weather around these parts (and maybe even flip-flops…gasp!) but more family time surrounding the wedding.

Can’t wait!


I want to know…

What was the highlight of April for you?

What are you most looking forward to next month?