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Good morning!

It’s a Monday, after a holiday weekend. The transition back to reality can be difficult in such a case. As for me it’s especially tough when I was fortunate enough to spend 3.5 days away from the city enjoying country living and family time. From camera 4-20-14

My whole family was together for Easter. Something that has not happened in 12 YEARS. Isn’t that crazy??

Easter has never been a particularly big holiday in my family so making the trek home in college was never a priority. Therefore the last time the four of us celebrated together was when I was in high school (was that really over 12 years ago?! yikes!).


Mom went all out in honor of the occasion. Starting with coloring eggs. This wasn’t your standard “dip in dye with that weird wired holder” type activity…oh no. Thanks to Pinterest she found a technique that involved using shaving cream and coloring to create a marbled effect.


We altered the technique by using whipped cream to ensure that the eggs would be 100% edible after.

All that was required was to put down some cream, drip a few drops of color, then use a fork to swirl it around. Take your egg, roll it around until covered, let sit for 5-10minutes. Wipe off the excess color and….. ta-da!

Marbled easter eggs made with cool whip and dye

Much more visually appealing then my eggs of the past, that’s for sure.


Sure enough the next morning Mom announced that the Easter bunny had visited. While he didn’t hide any eggs he did leave my brother and I a basket of treats.

His and hers Easter baskets

K's Easter Basket

My basket included:  dark chocolate (coconut & Peruvian), a kettle-cooked potato chip chocolate bar for Z, an assortment of flavored malted milk balls (forgot how much I love them), Jelly Bellies in my two favorite flavors: bubble gum & toasted marshmallow, ginger chews, M&M’s and Peeps (“because it’s Easter and you have to have them.” –Mom).

Now the trick will be for Z and I to pace ourselves in the consumption of these amazing treats. Although after this weekend’s sugar-overload sweets are not as appealing at the moment.

I took the chocolate and candy, portioned out some and stored the rest in the back of the freezer for safe keeping.

Everything in moderation…

Easter basket enjoyment was followed by breakfast where I found myself cravings something light and healthy. I made a delectable carrot cake smoothie which was seasonally appropriate and hit the spot.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Mom gave it a try and claimed it tasted like “liquid cake.” Agreed. I’ll have to share the recipe because it was outstanding.

The rest of Easter was spent driving myself 4.5 hours back to Baltimore. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and traffic cooperated.

I had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend and plan on sharing more about the festivities and recipes that transpired in the near future. But in the mean time, it’s back to reality for me.

Easter Eggs and House

I want to know…

How did YOU celebrate Easter?

Does your family have any traditions?

When was the last time you colored eggs?

What’s your favorite thing to get in an Easter basket?