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Last Thursday Z and I took advantage of my day off plus GORGEOUS weather to head down to DC for a bit of cherry blossom gazing. We didn’t find out until after that The Washington Post declared that day to be the peak bloom! Talk about lucky timing.

Seeing the cherry blossoms in DC is just one of those things that you should do in life. Besides it made for a really great (cheap) day date!

We parked in Greenbelt, MD and took the metro in to town (~20m). Once there we covered almost 5 miles in our journey starting with coffee in Chinatown down to the Tidal Basin and back to the mall. K and Z Cherry Blossoms Date Day Walking Route

The weather was perfect and the town was abuzz with tourists (even though we technically were ones I don’t consider myself as such).


I put a call out on Facebook looking for recommendations for a cute local coffee shop in the vicinity we were going. Our friend AJ directed me towards Chinatown Coffee Company.


Now let me tell you, they don’t just have standard light/dark roast, hazelnut, etc. Their coffees are from different areas of the world with unique flavor profiles.

My choice:

Brazil, Agua Preta (Intelligentsia Coffee)
Origin: Chapada Diamantina, Bahia
This cup is soft and sweet, the velvety mouth feel supporting flavors of green apple, pomegranate, with sugar cane and cardamom in the finish.The clean, nuanced acidity of blood oranges layered with dried apricots and baking spices produces a level of complexity that exemplifies the very best of what Brazilian coffees have to offer.

I was definitely different than any other coffee I’ve had. The acidity of the fruits came through at the end of each sip. Quite a tasty surprise!


With coffee in hand we began our walk towards the Tidal Basin, taking the opportunity to stop and enjoy our coffee and a snack while taking in some of  the local sights.


We’re still in the process of nailing down the manual features on the camera. Thankfully there were lots of opportunities to experiment.



Another 10 minute walk brought us down to the Tidal Basin where we joined the tourist frenzy.

Cherry Blossoms around tidal basin Wasington DC

The walkway was packed with people, cameras/cell phones/tablets in hand snapping away. We did the same…

Cherry_BlossomsCherry Blossoms and  Jefferson Monument

We walked around to the Jefferson Memorial, took a seat on the steps and did some serious people watching.


Our observations included: a young red-haired girl dressed as Ariel, a little boy in a Captain America outfit (complete with shield), women wearing high heels (for walking around DC?? really??), lots of “FBI” shirts (makes spotting out-of-towners easy!), annnnd a scrunchie wearer.


Continuing our walk around the Tidal Basin we were brought to the monument of my favorite president: FDR.


I’ve mentioned it here before but I grew up in FDR’s hometown (Hyde Park, NY), attended Haviland Middle School (which FDR himself designed), went to F.D. Roosevelt High School (our mascot was the President) and even went to a week-long Eleanor Roosevelt Girl’s Leadership Workshop.

Needless to say, I simply had to get this shot for everyone back home.

K and Hyde Park New York sign at FDR Monument

After visiting FDR we made it  the rest of the way around the basin and called it a day.


This really goes to show you that date nights/days don’t have to be costly. There are plenty of low-cost options and activities out there.

By packing our own water, snacks AND lunch and engaging in a free, outdoor activity the grand total for a 5 hr date was $26.50.

Cherry Blossoms Day Date Cost

I’d say that’s pretty good!


I want to know…

Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms?

What’s the last “date” you went on?

If you had to pick a favorite President, who would it be?