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Many of the books I read these days are related to health/wellness/nutrition in some way. I’m a science nerd at heart and learning about the ways that food affects the body is fascinating.

However in all of this reading it has become increasingly clear that everyone has a different opinion as to what, when and how much you’re supposed to eat.

I truly believe there is no one size fits all meal plan. Every person is different. Varying opinions are certainly fine…that is until they adopt an elitist mentality.


This is what I encountered recently when I picked up a trendy paleo diet book from the library. I certainly do not follow a paleo lifestyle (oatmeal is FAR too important to me) but find myself enjoying recipes that fall under this category. I checked out the book to educate myself a bit more on the principles behind the diet and gain some recipe inspiration in the process.

As I started reading I was disheartened by the tone the author took. It was almost condescending. Grains were demonized and I was made to feel like a horrible person for even considering eating them. Banana split oatmeal

I decided to carry on but page after page left me with a sour taste in my mouth. So I closed the book right then and there and returned it to the library.


In order to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles we shouldn’t be putting them down and making them feel bad. Instead we should be arming them with the tools, resources and knowledge to make the best possible choices. That choice may be paleo, it may be vegan, it may be gluten-free. Whatever it is you should do it because it’s what your body needs or what makes you feel good. Not to conform or because it’s trendy.

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This is one side effect of the social media community. Blogs, websites, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards are overrun with the latest diet fads, newest super foods, and top gluten-free products. For the average person this can be overwhelming. What are you supposed to eat?!

It was these three articles I read last week that really got me thinking:

Nutrition Is Complicated: You Can’t Trust Your Body Or Figure It Out On Your Own. Or So You’ve Been Told.

How Health Writers Can Be Putting You at Risk

The Trap of Clean-Eating Treats

This is why I read scienc-ey food and nutrition books. I want to understand food. That way I can make informed decisions about what is right for me. I  encourage everyone to take current nutrition advice/diet fads and trends with a grain of salt. You are completely unique. Find what works for you.

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Ok. I will step off my soap box now.