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When I first started investigating the low FODMAP diet last year, one of the most reliable and helpful sources of information was Kate Scarlata. Kate Scarlata Blog Header

She is a registered dietician based out of Boston who travels around the country educating fellow nutrition professionals on the basics of FODMAPS and how best to help their clients.

Since initially the low FODMAP way of eating was a bit overwhelming I purchased her 21 day meal plan last March to get me started as I learned the basics. For $10 I was able to get three weeks of breakfast/lunch/dinners and snack ideas. SO helpful.

Kate Scarlata 21 day FODMAP Friendly Meal Plan

Since then I have continued to follow her blog for the latest in digestive health research as well as recipes.


Her most recent accomplishment? An entire cookbook….all with foods I can eat!  There are 150 recipes specifically designed for people with sensitive stomachs.

Kate Scarlata 21 day tummy cookbook

I was SO excited about the prospect that I had to have it. I entered a give-a-way on Kate’s site hoping to win my very own copy. The next day Kate contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a copy to review and share with all of you. Of course I said yes!

Kate Scarlata 21 day tummy cookbook signed

I immediately got to work with a pack of post-its.

Kate Scarlata 21 day tummy cookbook bookmarked

I quickly realized though that I wanted to make everything so I scaled back my page marking to those that I planned to make in the very near future.

I plan to share more about the recipes I’ve tried soon, but just know that there’s some good stuff in there.


Kate will be hosting a twitter chat with two Monash University researchers (the Australian team of scientists who developed the low FODMAP diet) at 7pm.

Wondering if low FODMAP eating could help you? Which foods should you avoid? Which are OK? Now’s the time to ask!

To participate:

  • Follow @KateScarlata_RD
  • Log-on at 7 PM EST US today (March 24).
  • If you want to follow all the questions/answers that roll on in put the twitter chat hash tag– #fodmapchat in the search bar on your twitter home page.

That’s it! I’ve never really done a twitter chat before but there’s a first time for everything I suppose!

“Best wishes and to a calm belly.”

I want to know…

What is YOUR favorite cookbook?

Have you ever done a twitter chat before? Anything I need to know?