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I miss…eggs and yogurt. Scrambled egg breakfast with yogurt bowls

I miss…apples and pears.

Waffles with cottage cheese and apples. Yogurt with pears.

I miss…delicious Italian food.

Spaghetti and Mealballs with salad

I miss…going out to dinner and sampling new foods without worrying whether or not they’d make me sick.

Watermelon Bite from Bond Street Social

I miss…the times when my “good stomach days” outweighed the bad.


I miss…feeling “normal.”

Yesterday I found myself really down/frustrated/exhausted by my whole stomach situation. It’s been a rough week, month even, in those regards. I try and manage it the best I can but ultimately it can be extremely disheartening when I still feel awful so much of the time.

Life in Adventures of Z & K land is not always sunshine and rainbows and I thought it was important for me to share that with all of you.

There are good days and there are bad days.

But as my tagline says I choose to share my “everyday explorations in health and happiness” and right now I’m in the process of exploring what combination of factors will allow me to have both of those things.

Here’s to hoping for improvement and  taking things one day at a time…

I want to know…

How do you cheer yourself up when you’ve had a bad day?

What can instantly make you feel better?