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I decided to continue on with the attempts at self-reflection I began on Monday.

Seeing as how it’s the middle of the work week, I wanted to take a moment and evaluate myself in relation to my work–my “day job” AND blogging pursuits.Conan O'Briend Quote- If you work really hard...

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Last week I came across an article entitled  31 Things Every Leader Needs to Know About Themselves. In it the author poses questions to help you become increasingly self-aware.

“For most of us, it’s our blind spots that hold us back, not the things we already know we need to improve on.” – Les McKeown

At work I am in a senior level position which involves leadership /mentoring /managing and delegation. Over the past year I feel as though I’ve really discovered and settled in to my leadership style but of course there’s always room for improvement.

In terms of the blog there are definitely differences in my work approach–times when I find myself more creative and motivated and times when tasks and subjects seem less than thrilling.

Upon looking over the questions I realized they are not limited just to work but overlap into general life as well. Let’s evaluate, shall we?

Things Every Leader Needs To Know About Themselves

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What gets you excited? New challenges and opportunities

What type of people can’t you stand? Those who are unmotivated

What type of people do you fall for too easily? Those who are super duper overly nice

To what basic knowledge or skill do you return when faced with a difficult problem? My ability to prioritize

What can’t you know enough about? Nutrition

About what have you heard all you ever want to know? Cross Fit

What type of environment juices you creatively? New places, activities and experiences

What type of environment drains you creatively? Not leaving my house on my day off

When is the best time of day for you to undertake creative work? 6-10am

When is the worst time of day for you to undertake creative work? The moment I arrive home after work, whenever that may be

What do you believe your core skill to be? Creativity & organization

What do you believe you bring most to your organization? Same as the above

What do you take on that you should leave to others? At home– Cooking. Z loves I and I am less than enamored.

What do you leave to others that you should be doing? At home–Z takes care of the grocery shopping most weeks. Rarely do I do it by myself these days.

How do you act differently when you’re in a group or team environment? More professional, less chatty, try and keep people on track

How do you act differently when you’re with people you love? Definitely more talkative, weird/silly

It was interesting to take a moment and think about each of these . By recognizing and writing down these traits about myself (like what time of day I’m most creative, or tasks  should/can leave to others) I feel as though I could structure my days to be more productive.

Hmmm, food for thought…

I want to know…

What do YOU believe your “core skill” to be?

What do YOU take on that you should leave to others?