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Today = three months since the wedding. With the stress of planning behind me, I’ve been able to spend the last few months rediscovering my hobbies, interests and a thing called relaxation. I almost forgot what that was…

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I’ve been able to take time to stop and think about who I am/where I’m currently at in life. The basics: I’m a newlywed, living in a major city, a few months away from a 30th birthday.

But there’s more to me.

A few weeks back my friend and fellow UMD alum, Jennie had a fun “currently” post on her blog. I was inspired to do one of my own in order to help me reflect.


Making : zucchini noodles
Cooking : zucchini noodles : )
Drinking : my new go-to combo: ginger-green tea
Wearing : my red bathrobe
ReadingGulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
Wanting : the snow to stop and this spring weather to stay
Looking : for a new place to live (our lease ends in 7 weeks)
Deciding : on the future
Wishing : flip flop time was now
Watching : the new season of Amazing Race: All-Stars
Hoping : to sleep through the night for once
Marveling : at Z’s affinity for writing. who knew??
Opening : the invitation to my brother’s wedding!
Needing : a dress to wear to said wedding
Smelling : Beach Dunes
Sorting : all the recipes I print out and leave scattered around
Bookmarking : this (minus onion & garlic) and this (breakfast is my favorite)
Disliking :
the amount of layers I need to have on to leave the house
Giggling : at the relationship between cats and dogs
Snacking : on Barbara’s multi-grain Puffins
Coveting : quality time with extended family
Wishing :  my stomach would magically heal itself
Hearing : orchestral sounds from Pandora’s “Classical For Work” station
Following : Grumpy Cat on Twitter
Helping : Z start his own blog (!)
Loving : oatmeal for breakfast daily
Noticing : how badly I need a hair cut
Thinking : it’s been far too long since I took a yoga class
Feeling : hopeful for the future
Admiring : bloggers with amazing food photography
Enjoying : country music
Knowing : I really need to stop biting my nails…
Liking : the whole “spring ahead” daylight savings time business
Wondering : what I can throw together for dinner tonight
Considering : attempting to add Greek yogurt back into my life (a small serving is technically low fodmap)
Pondering : what the raccoon on the porch is eating right now…it was an animal…at some point (writing this at the Grandparents’ house).

That’s me in a nutshell.

I want to know…

What are you currently ADMIRING?

What are you currently READING?

What are you currently DECIDING?