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K & Z's Travel Tips

Yesterday’s travel tips centered around food. Today is more of a random assortment.

K&Z’s Tips for Travel: Going with Groups

Choose carefully who you travel with.

As I mentioned yesterday Z and I are compatible travelers. This is not going to be the case with everyone however. Surrounding yourself with people with similar travel philosophies (planning vs. spontaneity, self-sufficiency, etc.) will create the most enjoyable experience. K's Family with glacier chunk in Alaska

I count my family amongst these people. After all I’ve been traveling with them for many many years now both locally and internationally. I know the way they work: my Dad does pre-trip research and enjoys exploring once we’re there. My Mom usually has some set things she wants to accomplish but is up for whatever. My brother just goes with the flow. This is the kind of combo that works!

If traveling with a group, Consider communication

I completely take for granted being able to pick up the phone and call/text someone to find out where they are or when they’ll arrive. This was one of the challenges we faced in St. Lucia. Coordinating 20+ people, all staying in different locations, was tough without the use of phones. Thankfully wi-fi was functional and Facebook messaging/email became a useful tool.

Android cell phone

Z’s suggestion for the future was to buy an international SIM card for our phones or look into hand-held radios of some sort. Definitely would have made life easier.

Plan one activity a day.

This isn’t to say that you have to actually do that activity, but having a potential outing on the agenda gives you the option to get out and explore if you so choose. If you’re traveling with a group this is a great idea—those who want to go, go, the others do their own thing. Nothing says you have to spend every waking moment together.

Piton view St. Lucia

K&Z’s Tips for Travel: Random Thoughts

Know the appropriate tipping amounts/usual prices/  exchange rate

I always make sure to research these things before any big trip. It was especially helpful in Egypt. There were times where we had the same driver for multiple days.—how much do you give them? The guides at the various temples and tombs all expect tips—but how much? Being aware of these things will allow to you be a respectful traveler. Z and K with restaurant owner in Luxor Egypt

“Don’t just grab something someone hands you. Even if it’s “from the heart.”

This one is courtesy of my sister-in-law Jordana. From personal experience she can tell you they just want money. Just say no.

Steve with St. Lucian  vendor

Pack versatile shoes & clothing.

Whether it’s a weekend or a week, this applies to any type of travel. Growing up I was definitely an over-packer throwing in way more than I needed for all those “what if” situations. Thankfully I’ve gotten much better and aim to pack clothing that can be worn a few different ways. If the place we’re staying has laundry facilities that’s awesome! However I’ve done laundry in the sink before. It’s just necessary. Outfits for packing

Oh man. Going through all these makes me want to hop on a plane ASAP.

I want to know…

Have you gone on any group vacations?

Any travel tips/advice to add?