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Happy Monday!

Z and I just got our wedding proofs back from our photographers and there are lots of really beautiful shots. Remember the time we were at a beach wearing summer dresses and flip flops? Sigh…those were the days.

K and Z sunset St. Lucia Soufriere

With the impending winter weather I would love to just pack my flip flops, hop on a plane and go. With no tropical excursions in sight however I will just have to stick to day dreaming and reminiscing…


Thankfully for us, Z and I travel very well together.

Egypt was our first extensive excursion and we learned a lot about our travel styles then: I research and make plans, but can appreciate spontaneity and straying from the agenda. Z is free form, but appreciates having a general outline and my overall preparedness.

At the end of our trip I began a list in my travel journal of things that we learned along the way that we wanted to remember for the future vacations.

K and Z Things Learned in Egypt List

We then added on to the list while sitting in the airport in St. Lucia and I thought it would be fun to share with all of you.

After looking it over I found a few relating to food so decided that’s as good a place to start as any. Here are some lessons, tips and tricks we’ve learned over the course of the past few years…

K and Z's Travel Tips

K&Z’s Tips for Travel: Eating

Have a good sized, comfortable day bag.

For a full day of excursions a little purse just isn’t going to cut it. You need something sizable that can hold a water bottle, your camera, wallet/phone and most importantly snacks. K and Pyramids in Cairo

I bought this SwissGear cross-body pack for Egypt and it worked out great.

ALWAYS pack snacks & options for dietary restrictions.

For my health (and sanity) while traveling this one is a must!

I know my body: I know I must eat every few hours otherwise I get hungry, which quickly escalates to HANGRY. For this reason packing snacks is a requirement. Almonds, Larabars, cereal, nut butters and fruit are my go-tos. They can easily fit in my bag to grab when I need it.

Kind Bar and Justin's Maple Almond Butter

I also know that traveling brings about new and different foods all of which have the potential to be not-so-friendly to me. Therefore I plan accordingly. Oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, almonds

Such as in St. Lucia: I made pre-portioned snack bags of oats, cinnamon and stevia and brought along my own jar of nut butter. This assured me that my stomach would start the day off on a positive note.

ALWAYS pack utensils

Plastic silverware is another on-the-go must. I always keep a set in my carry-on and it has come in handy many a time. If you need to spread nut butter, or split a sandwich, you’re covered.

AIM TO Stay in places with kitchens.

Z and I have come to value kitchen access for many reasons. So much so that we decided to start factoring this in more heavily during accommodation searches. Here’s why:Z cooking in hotel kitchen. Isla Mujeres, MX

  1. Control over the preparation of our food in terms of  ingredients AND timing. You can make what you want to make when you want to make it. In St. Lucia the bed and breakfast we stayed at didn’t serve breakfast until 7:00. As someone who wakes at 5am, waiting that long for coffee is not an option for me.
  2. It saves money. Brewing your own pot of coffee or heating up some oatmeal is much cheaper than going out to a sit down breakfast. Throwing together sandwiches for lunch is super easy too.
  3. It gives you the opportunity to explore the local culture when you pick up groceries at the local market. It’s always fun to browse the shelves and see what products are common.

Buy a small water heater

I realize kitchen access isn’t always going to be possible but waiting hours for morning coffee isn’t an option for me. I knew there had to be a solution and what do you know, there is! An online search led me to this little gem:

Portable immersion beverage warmer

An immersion water heater ($17 on Amazon).  Just stick it in your mug and you’ve instantly got hot water. Absolute genius. Will will definitely be purchasing one.

Sample local cuisine because after all…you’re there!

Although there are benefits to bringing along your own food this should not stop you for exploring the local cuisine. After all, you traveled all that way and you may never be there again so…go for it!

In Egypt that means flat breads, fresh hummus and whole fish straight from the Nile.K eating Egyptian meal on Nile Cruise

In Mexico: fish tacos and margaritas on the beach.

Grouper fish tacos. Isla Mujeres, MX

In St. Lucia: ordering the “Evolution of Chocolate” sampler from the restaurant on the cocoa plantation.

12-11 Boucan chocolate sampler

For Z and I travel success comes down to a combination of careful planning and making the most of what we have.

I have a few more thoughts and will be following up with a part tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I want to know…

What is YOUR best food-related travel tip?