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Word on the street is that temps are going to get into the upper 50s today. Sure, rain will be accompanying it but at this point I’m not complaining. I want spring and I want it now.

But  I digress…

Here are five posts/articles I read this week that I found interesting/intriguing/enlightening/etc.


1) Remember Rice Krispies Treats Cereal???

Rice Krispies Treats Cereal Box from Amazon

[Just $30 for 14 boxes on Amazon]

I  had completely forgotten it existed until I read 8 Unhealthy Truths About Breakfast Cereal via Don’t Mess With Mama.

The description from the Kellogg’s website says, “When you pour a bowl of this sweetened, toasted rice cereal you’ll be giving your kids something they love.” This is probably a true statement. Rice, sugar, oil, 0g of fiber?, tastes like dessert? It’s a little kid’s dream!

2) This year I’m turning the big 3-0.

Z’s a firm believer in the fact that your 30s are some of the best years of your life. As for me? It just seems so grown-up and I certainly don’t feel that way yet.

Forbes 30 under 30 cover

Thankfully I found encouragement this week when I read Here’s Everything That’s Wrong With Our ‘Under 30’ Obsession.

“It may even be beneficial to achieve your greatest successes later in life, after a period of experimentation, learning or even challenges. Late bloomers may be better at developing resiliency…”

3) I love oatmeal so I loved this.

Roasted Maple Granola from A Food Centric Life

[Roasted Maple Granola ~ A Food Centric Life]

I eat it practically every morning and never get tired of it. Here’s a list of 29 awesome ways to eat oatmeal, from breakfast to dinner. I definitely added some pins to Pinterest after reading it!

4) Growing kids don’t need Cheetos.

Frito Lay Brand Cheetos Puffs

[Frito Lay]

It Has to Stop, written after a day of substitute teaching in an elementary school, addresses the less than favorable lunch options parents are sending their kids to school with. Now I want to go out and pack healthy lunches for the world.

5) The problem with palm oil.

Thanks to my co-workers I’ve become aware of the issues surrounding the use of palm oil in products—everything from lipstick and detergent to pizza dough and packaged bread.

It grows in tropical rainforests and its use contributes to the destruction of habitat for endangered species such as this little guy:

Orangutan baby


Check out this article by the World Wildlife Fund to see which everyday products contain palm oil?.


The agenda consists of a couple of appointments, trying out my new spiralizer (it FINALLY arrived!), reading and movie watching. Oh! And a run sans triple layering/gloves/etc. Productive yet relaxing!

I want to know…

What’s the best article/post YOU read this week? Leave the link in the comments below and share with the class!

What’s on YOUR agenda for the weekend?