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After almost two years living in the same row home rental Z and I are getting antsy. While the house is wonderful in some regards there are certainly less than favorable aspects as well.

Recently I was sitting on the couch downstairs, surveying the area and I thought to myself, “what would it look like if we had put the couch and TV by the kitchen instead of the door?” “Could we flip-flop the living/dining space?” It seemed like a big undertaking but it had me wondering…


The first floor has never been my favorite. Being a row home with houses on either side, lighting is minimal (kitchen-related blog photography is practically an impossibility). It is also significantly colder than the upper floors that combined with the lack of lighting do not create an inviting space.

I mentioned my thoughts to Z and he was on board. Armed with a “if we don’t like it we’ll switch it back” attitude we decided to mix things up.

K and Z Baltimore Row Home Living Room Before

View from inside the front door: Couch and TV are first things you see. Dining table lives next to kitchen.
first floor after move

Dining room next to window provides lots of light. TV now lives on previously unoccupied shelving near kitchen.

This small change makes the first floor feel more open and inviting. Now when you walk in the front door you don’t have a huge TV to step around and the couch under the stairs adds an element of coziness.

Couch under stairs

I can’t believe it took me so long to have this realization: just because we placed something two years ago doesn’t mean it has to stay there. What a concept! With just this small change we were able to create a homier space and one that we actually want to spend time in.


We were so pleased with the results of the first floor that we decided why not keep the fun going. Let’s switch up the bedroom too!

K and  Z Baltimore Row Home bedroom before

This picture was taken shortly after we moved in, back in the days when we watched copious amounts of TV. We rarely used it though so it has since gone away. K and Z Baltimore Row Home Master Bedroom

I like to think it’s a bit more welcoming when you walk in. Our head are closer to the window/street traffic but since we’ve lived in the city for years AND sleep with a fan on I’m hoping this won’t be an issue.

K's dresser with red picture frames and red candle

We also took some time to tidy up our dressers and find homes for all he random odds and ends that were living there. Hmmm, it’s hard to tell what my favorite color is, huh?

Broken watch on Z's dresser

This watch was a groomsmen gift Z got awhile back. It doesn’t work and hasn’t in years. I specifically remember him having it on during our first date and was surprised that when I asked him what time it was he took out his phone to check. Why would you wear a broken watch? I now know the sentimental value it holds, but still teased him about it for awhile after.


The moral of the story is that if something in your life is less than ideal, you can continue complaining about it or you can take action! Even the smallest of changes can have a big impact.

I want to know…

What is one thing you wish you could change about the house/apartment/residence you’re living in?