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Although I don’t often reference it on here, my bachelor’s degree is in Zoology. K graduating from University of MarylandI spent my four years of college taking classes such as animal behavior, animal communication, mammalogy and even “biology of extinct animals (a fave!).”

The cool thing about animals is that each species is perfectly adapted for the environment they live in which can produce some amazingly unique qualities. However despite the fundamental differences there are characteristics that we share.

Humans are (in theory) monogamous. We attract a partner, form a bond, and stay with them for life. This general concept can be found in a wide range of animals as well.

Enjoy this collection of heart-warming tales of togetherness from the Animal Kingdom!


Gibbons are the nearest relative to humans that mate for life. Gibbons embracing


Pairs spend time hanging out together in trees, grooming one another to show affection. It’s not overly surprising that a member of the ape family would be included in this list, what with all of the eerily similar characteristics that exist. While grooming one another is minimal, Z and I hang do hang out together in our house…basically the same thing.

K and Z reading newspaper on couch

Sea horses are infamous due to the fact that they are one of the only animals where the males carry unborn young. In addition, they are also monogamous. They will even use their tales to hold on to one another which is kinda sorta adorable.

Sea Horses at National Aquarium

(Sea Horses)

Holding hands is the next best thing, I suppose. K and Z holding hands

Despite the wild/rogue/masculine vibe associated with wolf packs (thanks Team Jacob/The Hangover), they are actually family units with a male, female and their offspring. Jury’s still out on their vampire-slaying abilities though…Wolves headshot


I guess you can say that this is my wolf-pack?

Family with glacier  chunk in Alaska

Lastly, the albatross. They travel up to 6,250 miles to find food, but always return to the same place and same mate. How do they find that special someone? By dancing of course!



Hmmmmm, relatable?

Z dancing

This Valentine’s Day tell YOUR albatross how much you care….and be thankful you don’t have to travel that far to do so!