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I did it. Saturday I went for a run!

With the temps being what they’ve been throughout the month of  January I have had NO desire to leave the warm confines of my house. I just don’t enjoy running to the degree of multiple layers and frozen limbs sounding like a good time.

Instead I’ve been keeping my workouts indoors, following along with Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp. All the workouts are planned out for me, which I love.

Best Body Online Personal Training

– See more at: http://www.tinareale.com/best-body-bootcamp/#sthash.g8Pdz0hk.dpuf

On days where cardio’s on the menu, instead of lacing up my running shoes, I’ll turn to Pinterest:The Cardio Queen "Queen Cardio" Workout

That is until last Saturday.

I don’t know what came over me. Call it cabin fever…call it insanity… but at 5:45am and 30 degree temps I layered up, grabbed Z and away we went. Nothing crazy, just our usual route around the Canton waterfront.

I was concerned about how I was going to feel. It had been a month since I last ran and even then it was only a treadmill. But you know what? I felt great!

So great in fact that when temps climbed even higher the next day, near 50 by the time I got off work, I went out and did it again!

Running still isn’t my favorite, but just getting back outside without the fear of frostbite did wonders for my mindset. I long for spring time and longer/warmer days.

The Music Makes the Run

If I don’t have good music when I’m running I won’t be successful. Therefore I updated my iPod (sadly it was time for Trans-Siberian Orchestra to go) with a new running playlist for the occasion.

It was random. But then again, so are my musical tastes.

Here’s the soundtrack that  got me out of the house and back in the running saddle:

K's Temps are above freezing playlist

The forecast this week calls for rain/snow. Oh well. 50 degrees was good while it lasted…

I want to know…

What’s the last song you added to your workout playlist?

How  do you motivate yourself to workout in the winter?