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Five Things Friday

Last month I worked on Christmas Day, thereby missing out on NY-based family activities.  K at work on Christmas Day

To accommodate, my parents drove down this past Friday for a belated Christmas celebration. After one reschedule (thanks to the snow the week before) and a 6.5hr drive (thanks to the freezing rain this week) they finally made it. Christmas packages

Here are five fun things I got to unwrap!


Microwaveable heating pads

A handmade product from Dutchess County, NY where my parents live. Each is filled with corn kernels and can be heated in the microwave. All you need is 30 seconds and and presto! you’ve got your very own heat pack. Corn filled microwaveable heating pads

My mom thought the larger one would be perfect for an unhappy stomach. The smaller ones are hand warmers and will be perfect for chilly walks to/from work!

Baking Tools

Mom was able to hit up our wedding registry for ideas. I love the tiny Rachel Ray dishes. Now to figure out what to make in them. Hmmm….

Rachel Ray Stoneware and spatula


I’m super excited about these chalkboard labels. For starters I’m thinking of putting them on the mason jars I keep our nuts/almonds in. The hanging tags (in the middle) are also pretty neat and I’ll have to figure out something fun to do with them.

Martha Stewart Home Office Chalkboard Labels


We had a Living Social deal for Blue Nile that was about to expire so Mom and I picked out some things for ourselves. I had my eye on the pearl earrings and Mom surprised me with the pyramid earrings. Now I have a matching set for the pyramid necklace Z bought me before his Egypt deployment. Blue Nile pearl and diamond earrings


In my never-ending efforts to become a photographer extraordinaire,  I can’t wait to flip through this for ideas and inspiration!

The Unforgettable Photograph

Z was excited to get a second controller for his new PS4, brazil nuts, and freshly ground New York  coffee. But he was MOST excited about the i-clip magnetic bookmarks (yup, he’s a nerd). i-clip magnetic bookmarks

I’d say it was a successful “Christmas” indeed!

Christmas boxes

I want to know…

What would YOU make in those small Rachel Ray dishes?

Any fun ideas for chalkboard labels?