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Five Things Friday Logo updated

Me and Pinterest have been spending lots of quality time together recently. That being said the ratio of things I’ve pinned to things that I’ve actually made/attempted is quite skewed. I assure you though I have the best of intentions.



Buckwheat, freekah, teff—obscure grains are becoming trendy these days. Clinicalalimentary had a great guide explaining each one.

Grains from Clinicalalimentary


I’ve never used rice wraps and they look so super fun. I’ve added this recipe from FODMAP Fun to my must-try list. Low FODMAP Sesame Chicken Summer Rolls


Since running outside in the cold sounds less than appealing these days I’ve been on the lookout for indoor cardio options. Tabatas are my favorite. Looking forward to trying this 20 minute Purely Fit Life workout.

20m tabata from Purely Fit Life


I need a jacket that’s somewhere in between my casual fleece and my large winter jacket. Something nice but warm. I’m really enjoying the collar on this belted pea coat from Target.

Belted Pea Coat from Target


Well, at least to me organizing is fun. This challenge by Home Storage Solutions 101 breaks down your home and life into small manageable subsets. The goal is to focus on organizing one per week. Sounds manageable, right?

52 Week Organized House Challenge

My parents are headed down for a visit. They’ll be here just for the day but it’s a kind of sort of belated Christmas visit (since we didn’t see each other then).

Enjoy your weekend!

I want to know…

Have you tried any of the new “trendy” grains?

What area of your house/life is in most need of organization?