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The last of my St. Lucia recap posts! If you’ve stuck with me this long, I commend you….

With the wedding craziness behind us, it was time to bid farewell to our villa home and head to the opposite side of the island. Along with my parents, Kevin and Victoria, we headed to a bed & breakfast on the eastern coast of the island. Drive from Soufriere to Micoud St. Lucia

Along the way my Dad noticed a “low oil” alert on his car prompting a stop over at the Hertz near the airport. While car was being tended to, we broke out our wedding gift from Kev & Victoria: Cards Against Humanity.  It was my first time playing and oh my gosh, it’s great. Apples to Apples for grown-ups!

Cards Against Humaniy Game

With car repaired it was less than an hour until we reached Zamaca Bed & Breakfast.  Zamaca Bed and Breakfast, Micoud St. Lucia

We were greeted warmly by the owners, Ellen & John, who oddly enough lived in Beacon, NY 20 miles from my parents’ house. Small world.

View from Zamaca Bed and Breakfast Micoud St. Lucia

Now that we sufficiently experienced Soufriere, it was time to see what else the island had to offer.


Drive from Micoud to Castries St. Lucia

The drive to Castries was an hour and a half, taking us through the jungle-mountainous center of the country.

Castries is the capital/and largest city in St. Lucia. After being in Soufriere for the past week, Castries was really nothing to get excited about. It was….a city. A place where cruise ships dock and offer tourists duty-free shopping. Nothing special if you ask me.

Cruise ship docked in Castries

Rodney Bay

Drive from Castries to Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Known for its marina and great sailing, Rodney Bay is another touristy area of the island. It’s home to many large scale resorts including not one, but two Sandals. Once again, nothing too exciting…

Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Pigeon Island National Park

Drive to Pigeon Island National Park St. Lucia

At the tip of Rodney Bay is Pigeon Island National Landmark. Pigeon Island National Landmark St. Lucia

This 44 acre historical site is comprised of ruins of military buildings used during battles between the French and the British over the island of St. Lucia.

Our $6 park entrance fee allowed us to climb up to the remains of an old fort and take in some wonderful Caribbean views. 12-13 Pigeon island

12-13 kev victoria k and  z pigeon island

Within the park there are also two beaches and a water-side café which was a great spot for lunch. A cold glass of fresh coconut water hit the spot after a morning of hiking in the sunshine (seriously, nothing I’ve had here in the states can compare to the taste).

Fresh coconut water from cafe in Pigeon Island National Park St. Lucia

Beaches of Micoud

Pigeon to Micoud

With the sights of the north seen, we trekked back to Micoud and enjoyed our last morning on the island exploring the nearby beach.


Getting there required hiking down an overgrown path, but it was worth it because we had the place all to ourselves.


12-14 Micoud collage

And that is where our St. Lucia journey ended. Back to the snowy-cold of Baltimore.

It was quite a week! So many activities packed into seven days. It’s been fun to revisit the experience through these posts and pictures and share it with all of you. It’ll be a great way to look back in the future and rediscover details I may have forgotten about. The joys of blogging!

Needless to say I was certainly glad to have proactively taken an additional week off of work when I got home because I desperately needed a vacation from our vacation!