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Seeing as how our entire wedding was a vacation, Z and I opted out of planning an additional voyage for after the wedding. That just seemed exhausting. Instead all I wanted was some time with Z to do nothing but relax.

Our version of a honeymoon: a short stay at one of the nearby resorts, Stonefield Estate. (Note: we have penciled in a 1-yr anniversary-moon: somewhere doing something).

We had visited it last year and recommended it to our guests as an accommodation option. Sure enough two separate guests took us up on that.

Upon arrival we were presented with fresh fruit juice and cold, lemon-scented hand towels as a refresher. So fancy!

Zach’s parents had arranged for surprises to be waiting: champagne, cookies, local chocolate and the most beautiful-wonderful-tropical-smelling flower arrangement.

12-10 Arrival at Stonefield

The rooms have an open air living room/dining room/kitchen and air conditioned bed room. In addition: porch with hammock, private patio, plunge pool. Oh…and a view.

12-11 (26)

We enjoyed our morning coffee and chatted over the proceeding day’s events. I had to fill him in on all the broken water, missing make-up stylist shenanigans that went on and he told me about his morning yoga practice with the guys (yes, that actually happened).

12-11 K and Z rings and mugs

Breakfast at Stonefield is complimentary and outstanding.

I started with a colorful fruit plate (I miss the freshness already) and followed it up with their daily special: coconut pancakes. Sigh….I want to live in the tropics forever.

12-11 (21)

After breakfast Z headed straight to the pool and I to the lounge chair. I had yet to have a free moment to crack open a book this trip and was determined to relax and read. 12-11 (30)

I couldn’t possibly leave the hammock unattended..12-11 (29)

It was there that I finally finished this:

With the view being what it was it made for a perfect opportunity for picture recreation: engaged–> married.

(We apparently have a thing for pointy-mountain-like scenery).

Egypt vs St Lucia

Since a good portion of our guests were flying out that afternoon we had made plans to meet up with everyone for a goodbye lunch of sorts, thus our stay at Stonefield was a short one.

Overall the resort is beautiful, friendly staff, service awesome, and very affordable. I highly recommend!

I want to know…

Where did you go for your honeymoon?