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Despite the handful of challenges leading up to it, the ceremony was just what we had hoped for.

The Wedding of K & Z- Z waiting at end of aisle

I wanted both Mom & Dad to walk me down the aisle since they were both such a big part in making all this happen. The Wedding of K & Z- K walking down the aisle with parents

Honestly, the ceremony itself was a blur.

The Wedding of K & Z- K the bride

At this moment I was thinking something along the lines of,

“Stand up straight. Everyone’s looking at you but pretend they’re not looking at you. Don’t look Z in the eyes because then you’ll stop paying attention to what’s being said. He does look pretty dapper in that suit of his though…”

Z’s father, Steve, is a pastor and was the one to perform the ceremony. It was more meaningful coming from someone close to us, who has seen our relationship grow over the years, as opposed to someone we just met.

The Wedding of K & Z- K and Z ring exchange

Vows were said, rings were exchanged. As I said, it was all a blur but somehow we got to this point.

The Wedding of K & Z- Kiss the bride

A St. Lucia legal representative was required to be present at the ceremony, bringing along official licensing documents for us to sign immediately after. After that we were officially official!

The Wedding of K & Z- Signing St. Lucian Marriage Certificate

It was then time for pictures….LOTS of them. It was a race to get as many in as possible while there was still light. After all, sunset these days is mighty early.

The Wedding of K & Z-Bridal Party

Some mid-photo-fuel was needed: honey nut cheerios.

The Wedding of K & Z-K snacking on honey nut cheerios in wedding dress

More smiling and posing followed. Shots with each of our families, extended families, some of us solo, some of us together. Siting, standing, leaning, dipping. We did it all.

The Wedding of K & Z-Z and K pictures

While pictures happened outside, the ceremony location was being transformed into a reception location.

The Wedding of K & Z-Le Gallerie reception site

Everything looked wonderful: simple and elegant.

Z reiterated our gratefulness to everyone for attending and then we were treated to kind words from our Maids of Honor and Best Men.

The Wedding of K & Z-Z toasting to guests at reception

A local chef came to the house and prepared our very own three-course meal. I worked with him ahead of time to make it low FODMAP. Being able to eat everything was exciting!

The Wedding of K & Z-Le Gallerie low FODMAP wedding reception meal

Roasted pumpkin and coconut soup

Plantain crusted Mahi Mahi on seasoned rice with fruit salsa

Chocolate basil brulée

Neither Z nor I like cake so opted out of that whole traditional aspect. We DO like chocolate though and the brulée tasted like brownie batter in a cup. Perfection.

I personally don’t have many pictures of the rest of the evening—will have to rely on friends and our photographers for that– but in summary there was a bit of dancing, cocktails and chatting, groomsmen in the pool and NSYNC on the iPod.

The Wedding of K & Z-Reception pictures with friends and family

After two years of planning our wedding happened and we got married! We did it!

We were able to create something that was so very “us.” Even though there were stressors and challenges along the way in the end it was just the kind of wedding we wanted.

I want to know…

Do you remember the food from your wedding?

When it comes to receptions, are you a dance machine or a wall flower?