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The day of the wedding started out calmly.

I didn’t have much of a restful night’s sleep, but thankfully my phone made sure I knew what day it was and what was on the agenda.

The Wedding of Z & K: Get Married

After some coffee on the porch with Mom it was time to get the day started with a body weight circuit workout and my favorite breakfast: oats with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon.

12-10 Wedding Day Prep - Workout and Breakfast

Before things got crazy, I grabbed the girls and went through some of my favorite Tara Stiles yoga stretch routines.

The Wedding of Z & K: Caribbean view yoga

Fully stretched, centered and calmed it was on to to-do list item #1: assemble  and hang lanterns. A few in the doorways as well as nestled amongst the flowers and trees outside.

The Wedding of Z & K: Hanging lanterns in villa

Much to our surprise, the stylist coming to do our hair showed up AN HOUR early. Stressor #1.

Hair at 9am when he wedding isn’t until 4pm? In a tropical climate??  A good idea? I think not. So we politely asked her to sit and wait, but ultimately that made me feel pressured to hurry hurry hurry. After all, we had 5 people that needed to shower and get their hair done.

One.  Minor.  Problem.

There were plumbing issues in my parents room since we arrived and in order to fix it, they shut off all water.  Yup. No flushing toilets, no hand washing, NO SHOWERS.

I’m sorry, but I was NOT about to put on that nice clean lovely wedding dress having not showered in over 24hrs. Stressor #2.

Jenna resorted to the following in case it was the only option for cleansing:

The Wedding of Z & K: Jenna in bird bath

Thankfully, after quite a wait, water was restored, showers were taken, hair was started.

The Wedding of Z & K: Hair

In between the craziness, I took a moment to stop and breathe, go to my happy place, and remind myself it was allll going to work out. Denise captured the moment…The Wedding of Z & K: K relaxing

Denise: “Do you even feel stretching when you do that?!”
Me: “Nope. It’s just comfortable.”

True story.

Then it was my turn for hair. Thanks to Pinterest I had some ideas saved and showed them to the stylist. Unfortunately what she gave me was NOT that. Stressor #3.

We went through 5+ different variations. Knowing I wasn’t happy with it I had my MOH and Mom as back up to critique and make suggestions until we arrived at something that would work.

The Wedding of Z & K: K getting hair done

Jenna became make-up stylist extraordinaire for not only herself, but the Moms as well.

The Wedding of Z & K: Kristi w/ makeup

As for me, I was awaiting the arrival of a make-up stylist that had been arranged by the villa owner. She was set to arrive at 3, shortly before I needed to be in my dress. So I waited…..and waited….and waited…but she never came! Stressor #4.

By this time it was 3:30. Guests were arriving and ceremony began in 30 minutes. Jenna swooped in and did my make-up herself. People were popping in and out informing me we may have to change the ceremony slightly to accommodate St. Lucian legalities, etc. etc.

But you know what? At that point. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the details, or the what was said in the ceremony, I didn’t want to have to make any more decisions. I just wanted to walk down that aisle and marry Z.

The Wedding of Z & K: K and bouquet

So, just in the nick of time I grabbed my flowers (which I was just seeing for the first time), grabbed my girls, and away we went.

The Wedding of Z & K: Maids of Honor

I had a groom to get to!

I want to know…

Did anything go wrong on YOUR wedding day?

Any odd occurrences/set-backs/stressors?