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The day before the wedding was devoted to finishing up any last minute details. In order to ensure us ladies could focus we sent the boys off to hike Gros Piton.

The Boys

12-9-13 (51)

Standing 2,619ft above sea level, this volcanic mountain is an iconic feature of St. Lucia. The hike to the summit takes approximately two hours and offers amazing views of the island.

However this was the weather we woke to that morning…

Rainy morning in Soufriere St. Lucia

Despite the rain, the climb was still on. The boys grabbed their sneakers and backpacks and away they went. Gros Piton climb Soufriere St. Lucia

While I only heard tales of the trek, it was certainly challenging not to mention wet. The boys came back with pictures like these: Gros Piton climb Soufriere St. Lucia

Sideways branches were the equivalent of steps, visibility minimal through the jungley trails.

Notice how Derek’s expression change from seemingly hopeful to “what did I get myself in to” over the course of the two hours up. 12-9 Derek on piton climbOn a clear day views such as this would be wonderful:

View from Gros Piton climb Soufriere St. Lucia

A bit more climbing and, at last, they made it to the summit!

Kev Z Colt Piton Climb Soufriere St. Lucia

It was then another two hours back down.


The Girls

I started off the drizzly day with some physical activity of my own. A little circuit workout set to some Christmas tunes. 12-9 Morning Workout

And while the boys were hiking their hearts out, we were engaged in a more leisurely morning. There was to-do list making, maid of honor speech planning, reading and chatting.

12-9 girls at tables

The weather cleared slightly by the afternoon so we decided a nature trail on the other side of town. They offer 45 minute guided walks showcasing local flora as well as piton views.

12-9 Tet Paul Nature Trail Soufriere St. Lucia

It was so fun to see some of my favorite fruits growing right before our eyes. Baby pineapple = adorable.

12-9 Tet Paul Nature Trail Soufriere St. Lucia pineapple and banana growing

After a short period of time we reached the first overlook point.

12-9 Tet Paul Nature Trail Soufriere St. Lucia  K Jenna Denise Piton view

A great view. We would have been content with just that. But no: it got even better. We went to heaven.

12-9 Tet Paul Nature Trail Soufriere St. Lucia

12-9-13 (49)

Our guide suggested we “pinch a Piton”. Oh silly tourists and the things they do for photos…

12-9 Denise pinching Piton on Tet Paul Nature Trail

After our tour we headed back to the villa and whipped up a meal of pineapple shrimp, rice and salad.

12-9 Girls cooking dinner in villa kitchen

Needless to say I headed to bed quite early. The next day was a big day….

I want to know…

What is the most strenuous hike you’ve ever been on?