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I am truly grateful to have these two ladies in my life and am thankful that they hopped on a plane and journeyed all the way to St. Lucia to be by my side as my Maid and Matron of Honor.K Jenna Denise in front of Piton

I wanted to give them each a gift to let them know how appreciative I was of all that they had done.

But since our wedding is not quite “traditional” I didn’t want the gifts to be either. Sure if you glance over the message boards you will see brides singing the praises of personalized bathrobes, tiny pearl necklaces or wristlets. While those are all perfectly nice I knew that I wanted something different. Something that would be unique to the individual.

For Jenna

I had a discussion with Jenna not too long ago about the importance of self-care and associated realization that it’s ok to focus on yourself every once in awhile (a lesson I’m still learning myself).

When I saw a Living Social deal for an hour–long massage at Missi Kibelbek Bodywork Studios here in town, I knew that it would be perfect!  A great opportunity to take some “me time,” and  truly relax. Jenna's Living Social Gift Voucher Made in PicMonkey

Using PicMonkey I created a gift card of my own from the voucher, including the description of the service. Jenna's Gift Living Social Gift Voucher- back

For Denise

In another life I’m convinced Denise was a 1950s home-maker. She’s amazing at all things baking, extremely crafty and goes antiquing on the weekends.

After coming across a piece at an antique shop, she has started to collect vintage pink Pyrex.

I consulted with her husband, asking him to send pictures of the pieces she already owned. I scoured Ebay and won the first auction I bid on!


For Giving

My Mom whipped up these adorable cards (seriously she’s a crafting master). Inside I put a handwritten note expressing my gratitude for all the support and encouragement over the course of this past year (and more).

DIY Bow Thank You Cards

What I felt was important was to give something I knew they’d appreciate and love rather than something you’re “supposed” to get in a bridal party. This whole wedding has been about throwing out the “supposed-tos” and focusing on the things that are actually important to me.

DG matron of honor gift

I want to know…

If you’ve been in a wedding, what was THE BEST gift you’ve received?

Anything that you could have done without?