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By Sunday afternoon a majority of our guests had arrived on the island. That evening, Z’s parents planned a welcome dinner at a nearby waterfront restaurant called The Still Beach House.

Sunset view from The Still Beach House

The restaurant is family run and focuses on using fresh and local ingredients, most of which come from the owner’s nearby estate.

(*Note: when we arrived at the restaurant I discovered my camera died. The pics below have been compiled from family members. Thanks guys!)

I had created and brought along welcome postcards (thanks PicMonkey), which were placed at each seat. They included a note from Z and me as well as a general timeline for the weekend.

DIY Wedding Weekend Welcome Postcard: Soufriere St. Lucia

DIY Wedding Weekend Welcome Postcard | The Adventures of Z and K

A fun little DIY touch!

Before dinner, guests mingled and enjoyed cocktails. It was so nice to see the people I’m closest too all in the same place at the same time. 12-8 Welcome Dinner- Denise Kerry JennaDespite being from different social circles, everyone chatted and found random things they had in common (ex. my friend Jason’s company submitted a construction proposal for a building in Rochester that my brother’s engineering firm handles). Welcome Dinner- Jason and Beth

A crowd favorite was this adorable kitten who made herself right at home from the moment we arrived. She could not be happier with all the attention she was getting from our cat-lover guests. I’m actually surprised Denise or Victoria didn’t pack her in their carry-ons. Welcome Dinner- Victoria and Cat

Dinner was a creole buffet, which included chicken, fish, salad, rice and vegetables. I had a pre-arranged special “onion/garlic-free” option prepared for me (I was taking NO chances before the wedding).

Z and I took a moment to welcome our guests and express our heartfelt appreciation that they ventured all this way to celebrate with us.

Welcome Dinner- K and Z thank you

We also used this time to present our parents with thank you gifts.  I had already given Denise and Jenna theirs before we left. Some traditions have to be  adjusted for destination weddings. I have a separate post planned for the fun/personal gifts I picked out so stay tuned for that.

After dinner the restaurant prepared for us our very own bonfire on the beach!

Welcome Dinner- Bonfire at The Still Beach House

Having (almost) all of the guests there started to make the whole wedding thing feel real. I only had one more day to get everything finalized and together. Deep breaths. Annnnd go.

I want to know…

Do you tend to delve into the local cuisine while traveling?

Or do you prefer to stick with things that are familiar to you/you know you’ll like?