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We were lucky enough to have a three full days on the island before the wedding. Each of those days brought the arrival of additional guests. Since people were getting in at multiple different times we avoided making any definitive plans and adopted a “go with the flow” attitude (like we did for most of this wedding). Lounging by the pool, reading a book, snorkeling, and island exploring were all potential options.

12-7-13 (46)

Unfortunately I found myself in a state of “so many last minute details how will I get it all done” stress that relaxation was far from my mind.

12-7-13 (1)

Things needing to get done:

  • writing out a ceremony
  • deciding on vows
  • creating a seating chart
  • meeting up with our caterer
  • meeting up with our photographers
  • finalizing ipod playlists
  • planning out diy décor

Other items consuming my thoughts:

  • why does my stomach hurt?
  • what am I going to be able to eat that won’t make me sick?
  • is everyone having fun???


As you can see, it was a lot.

I’m a perfectionist and hold myself to extremely high standards, I realize this. But seeing as how I’m only getting married once I couldn’t help but stress over the details in order to ensure it turned out great.

At Z’s urging I did managed to hit the pause button, throw on my swim suit and enjoy a bit of sunshine.

12-8-13 (29)

During lunch that day Z attempted to befriend the local wildlife. The birds are quite bold and came close to taking a bite of sandwich right from his hand.

12-8-13 (21)

After lunch we were joined by my parents and explored the steep path on the villa property leading directly to the water.

12-8 trail to water

12-8 Hike down villa path

12-8 K Z Parents

Of course if there’s water around, Z is always in it. Next thing I know he hopped in and swam out to the dolphin dorsal fin-shaped island. Not only that but he climbed the slippery rocks and jumped off…twice. Z on rock

I know him well enough to know that this adventurous streak of his can often times lead to bumps and bruises along the way. The last thing we needed was for him to split his face open two days before our wedding. Thankfully the only casualty were a pair of sunglasses which are now resting on the bottom of a Caribbean reef. This is why Z can’t have nice things…

Later that night was our “rehearsal minus the rehearsal” dinner. Stay tuned!

I want to know…

When you go on vacation do you prefer rest and relaxation? Or activities and exploration?