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Now that we’ve covered how we invited people and what I wore, before going into more details about the wedding itself, I need to tell you how we got there.

It started with an early morning flight from Baltimore > Atlanta > St. Lucia. Thankfully there was time for airport yoga.

12-6 Airport Yoga

The dress presented challenges as a carry-on: it was large and heavy.

K's wedding dress on tram at airport

Thankfully the flight attendants were nice enough to hang it in their personal storage closets during the flight.

The weather was less than favorable upon arrival (dark, grey and rainy). That being said not only did it create the most wonderful rainbow right outside the plane, but precipitation let up just in time for a beautiful sunset. 12-6 Arrival

Z and his groomsmen were staying in downtown Soufriere for the week while me and my family were up at the villa. Since our rental didn’t start until the next day we crashed at the hotel for the night.

View from The Downtown Hotel Soufriere St. Lucia

12-6 Balcony

The next morning we grabbed fresh bananas for breakfast from the vendors outside the hotel (nothing like freshly picked fruit!) and took Denise and Jenna on a tour of Soufriere. 12-7 Soufriere View

It was then that Jenna’s quest began: see how many native animals she could befriend during the trip.

12-7 Jenna with animals

Yes, that even included a full grown bull tied up on the side of the road. The locals driving by glanced quizzically.

The priority of the day though was to meet with the lawyer who was handling all the necessary paperwork to make this thing official. She had us sign forms essentially saying that yes, we are who we say we are. Once signed she was taking care of driving our passports and documents up to the capital city of Castries. 12-7 Visit to the lawyer

Once lawyered it was time to head up to the villa, Le Gallerie. Additional family and friends were set to arrive that afternoon so I was quite anxious to get there, get unpacked and get settled.

Holiday lights on gazebo in Soufriere

Next up: I present to you a tour of Le Gallerie villa!

I want to know…

What is the longest layover you’ve ever had for a flight? How did you pass the time?

What is your go-to breakfast while traveling?