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The Wedding of Z & K

I’m back! I’m alive! I’m…married!K and Z wedding St. Lucia

It was a whirlwind week. All the stress and planning paid off though because everything worked out and it was beautiful, all of it.

As you can imagine I have tons of stories (and pictures) to share with you, so sit back and enjoy.

Now let’s see where did I leave off? Ah yes—the outfit


If only deciding on a dress was he only thing a bride had to do. But no no…there are accessories to think about as well. This was another detail that was low on my priority list.

For The Dress

The front of the dress needed a little something. While at the mall, my Mom suggested we go through Claire’s and see if there would be something cheap we could use as a placeholder to narrow down what kind of embellishment would work. A $5.50 clip? Sure, why not!

wedding dress flower pin with feathers from Claire's

It was the right shade, had a tropical feel, and matched the design of the dress. Not to mention the price could not be beat (David’s Bridal offers something similar for $79.00).

K wedding dress

For My Hair

The clips worked out so well I stuck one in my hair too!

K and Z with Piton in background

For My Wrists & Ears

My co-worker Susie has many hidden talents. One of which is beaded jewelry making. She offered to create something for the occasion.

I found an example on Etsy and gave Susie the picture. She was then able to recreate it almost exactly! I was certainly impressed!Susie's bracelets

I loved the layering and different textures they provided.

K and Z on balcony of villa

The earrings I found in a random accessory store in the mall. Under $10! That’s how I roll.

For My Feet

I wanted to be comfortable and heels + all the stairs at the villa = bad idea. I already own a pair of Steve Madden ballet flats which I love so I simply ordered the same exact pair with a bit of fun sparkle.

Steve Madden sparkle ballet flatsFancy AND functional.

There you have it. Head to toe accessories. Mostly under $10.

I want to know…

What wedding accessory did YOU spend the most on?