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If you read about IBS you’ll learn that each person’s case is different and there are a number of different triggers. One such trigger–stress. Besides certain foods I’d say this is second in line for me.

The Trigger

I had visited the gastroenterologist in early 2010 and was coping until….fast forward to spring of 2011. This is when Z began his year-long deployment. Once again I found my symptoms flaring, making an already taxing situation even worse.

Company B

The Nutritionist

Since conventional doctors dismissed me, at the start of 2012 I turned to the Women’s Digestive Health Program at the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Health Center. They operate under a more holistic approach, attempting to help women manage issues through nutrition, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, etc.

Although I couldn’t necessarily control the stressful situation I was in, I wanted to try and get a handle on what my food triggers were. So I began working with a nutritionist to review my current diet.

After browsing my food journals she was able to pick out some things I should best stay away from and subsequently recommended products for me to try. 007

The three main adjustments she made were:

o Adjusting fiber amounts (soluble vs. insoluble)

o Cutting out some foods (any type of soy, certain veggies, etc)

o Adding herbal supplements (Chinese herbs)

I met with her three times over the course of two months but had yet to see a significant improvement. It was then she tossed around the idea of a low FODMAP diet.  012

Seeing as how it was somewhat restrictive she recommended further testing to see if it would be appropriate. I thanked her, took the handout and went on my way. Little did I know two years later that handout would become a big part of my life…

I want to know…

What’s your go to/outlet when you’re feeling stressed?