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Five Things Friday | The Adventures of Z & K

Although Z has to be back in Baltimore for work tomorrow, I’ll be staying here in New York through the weekend running wedding-related errands with Mom.

Here are five reasons why it’s always good to go back home:


1) The Memories

Ballet drawing

It’s fun to go through the things that my Mom still has in my room and reminisce. Talk about old school, found this on my last visit: a picture I drew (in kindergarten?) and entered in the county fair. Proof that I’ve been a dancer since day 1. An artist though? Not so much…


Canoeing on the Hudson River

I’ve never not lived by some body of water. First the Hudson now the harbor. My family had a motorboat growing up and my Dad even did sailboat racing. We spent many a summer day out on the water so there are lots of fun memories there. Not to mention the beautiful views you get from the walkway built across it. Hudson River view from The Walkway

3) The History

Mills Mansion, Hyde Park, NY

Because of the Hudson views, there are many historic mansions nearby. Wealthy families like the Roosevelt’s and Vanderbilt’s build grand-scale homes facing the water. All of the homes are currently maintained by the National Park Service and available for touring. I’m a nerd and love stuff like that—a chance to step back in time and see what life was like.

4) “The swamp”

In our front yard there is indeed a swamp. Swamp

As a kid, being the budding zoologist I was, it was a place to find ducks, frogs, turtles, muskrats, hawks and even snakes!Frog in swamp

The official start of spring is always signified by the frogs in the swamp starting their daily chorus as the sun goes down. It gets so loud that if my Mom stands on the front porch while talking to me, I can hear them over the phone.

5) The K-Cup Machine

It’s not a nostalgic or sentimental reason, but Z and I look forward to using this each and every visit. My overall coffee consumption goes up just because of how convenient/fun it is to use. It’s the little things in life…

K cup machine

I plan on fully soaking in everything these last few days away from Baltimore has to offer. After that it’s back to reality…and by reality I mean St. Lucia packing.

I <3 NY wine glass

I want to know…

Did you do any Black Friday shopping (either in store or online)?

If so, get anything good??