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Z and I have come to the realization that date nights just aren’t the best idea for us anymore. Being the morning people we are, anything after 5pm just isn’t going to work….we’re both tired from work/school and leaving the house is just too much effort. Therefore we decided to implement “day dates.”

So in order to give us a break from the wedding planning craziness, I picked up a Living Social deal from BWI Bike Rental. Despite living in Baltimore for the past 7 years I had never gone on the BWI trail, an 11-mile loop encircling the airport. image

This seemed like a great way to get out and be active, cross something off to to-do list and enjoy a beautiful fall day in the process. BWI Bike Rental from K (3)

It had been quite some time since we’ve been on bikes (the last being when we visited my parents in New York last year), but we donned our helmets and away we went.

BWI Bike Rental from K (4)

It was pretty cool to be situated right at the end of the tarmac and watch planes take off right over your head. BWI Bike Rental from K (5)

The trail took us along highway and wooded paths alike. We paused to enjoy the sights…

BWI Bike Rental from K (6)

BWI Bike Rental from Z (17)

BWI Bike Rental from Z (19)

Most unexpected thing we saw?

BWI Bike Rental from Z (26)

Perfectly normal (as we approached the horse pasture it all made a bit more sense). Ah, fall foliage and horses. Another opportunity to take in the sights (and test out our photographic skills).

BWI Bike Rental from Z (32)

BWI Bike Rental from Z (40)

Right around this point the wind started to pick up, and despite the sun’s best efforts, it got cold. Using the promise of a warm car and a stop for hot coffee as motivation we high-tailed it for the last few miles back to the rental center. In total, with our stops, it took us just about 2.5 hours.

Z and I love active outings we can do together making this a perfect choice for a “day date.”  Now I can cross BWI trail off my Baltimore bucket list!BWI Bike Rental from Z (4)

Thumbs up!BWI Bike Rental from K (7)

I want to know…

When’s the last time YOU went bike riding?

What would YOU do on a “day date” with your significant other?