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I’m in a weird place right now.

K with funny face

A place where I feel like I have all the time in the world. A place where the reality of the fact that in 17 days I will be on a plane to St. Lucia has not yet sunk in. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of dwelling on small details and things I can’t control. Just get me to the island!

Let’s see where we stand (please take note of my “we’ll just wait and see” attitude)…

The Wedding of K & Z

K & Z in golf cart

  • Colors: Reds, blacks, etc. etc.
  • Flowers: We have a florist, in theory, who knows I like red. What I’ll end up with, don’t know. Good thing flowers aren’t something I care about.
  • Décor: To plan and finalize with Mom when I’m home in New York next week for Thanksgiving.
  • Food: Finally got an estimate for pricing…WAY out of our price range. This was something that would have been nice to know MONTHS ago. That lead us to a last minute scramble for a plan B. Thankfully we have a second option which Z’s mom Kristi is taking care of. My main worry: not wanting to be sick from something I ate. But at this rate for my reception dinner I’ll bring along some spelt bread, pb and pick a banana from a tree if I have to. A pb & banana sandwich? Sounds great.
  • Dress: Picking it up Friday. Denise and Jenna will be coming along to get proper bustling instruction.
  • Rings: Although I was indecisive and looked at waaaay too many options, I’m happy with what I ended up with. My engagement ring has just returned from a “spa service” so will be matching in terms of shine and sparkle.
  • Hair/Accessories: Hair- whatever will withstand humidity. Accessories- I have pictures of earring options I came across at Macy’s. Just have to pick one!
  • Z’s Attire: After last week’s Macy’s trip he now has a shirt and tie to go with the suit he already has.
  • Bridesmaids: They have their black dresses! I’ve only seen in pictures but can’t wait to see in person.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: All Kristi’s doing.
  • Group Activities: I did research on pricing for things such as cocoa plantation and rum distillery tours, zip lining, visiting the botanical gardens and volcano, kayak rentals, catamaran sailing, etc. It’s a vacation for our guests too so I wanted to be sure to give them plenty of options.

Still to do:

  • Write vows/ what do we want the ceremony to include?
  • Figure out music / load up ipod.
  • Complete some DIY projects with Mom.
  • Make a packing list.
  • Annnnd lots of other things I’m sure I’ll think of.

With the response cards in it looks like we’ll have a grand total of 26 (including Z and I). We are beyond excited to get to go on vacation with 24 of our favorite people!

Wedding Guest Collage

I want to know…

Did you write your own vows?

If so, what special things did you include?