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As I mentioned yesterday, my bridal shower was a lovely “very Kerry” evening. Friends and family who could not make the event sent along fun packages.


One of the last gifts was a six picture frame from Denise.


Bridal shower gift picture frame

Everyone knows I love taking pictures and with a wedding there will certainly be plenty to display. But as I was looking at it Denise asked, “do you see what’s going on there?” The pictures filling the frames looked a little odd but I wasn’t picking up on anything.

Diehl Picture Frame


The pictures in the frame were of everyday objects that formed the letters in my soon-to-be new last name!!!


They were all pictures she’d taken herself AND they were all taken around our neighborhood here in Fells Point.


“This way, no matter where you guys end up you’ll always remember where you started.”


I. Was. Floored.


How amazingly thoughtful and special. Something Z and I will truly treasure.


I want to know…

What’s the most unique gift YOU received for your bridal shower or wedding?